Friday, August 01, 2008

Two from July 1958

Happy August and happy friday! Like the "subject" line says, here are two from nineteen hundred and fifty eight. A.D.

Howsabout this nice Skyway view of a busy classic Tomorrowland? Some of the colorful shapes that grace the Skyway's decorative pylon and those shades over at the Space Bar seem to have some Eames influence (plus it makes me seem smart mentioning stuff like "Eames influence"! My glasses do the job too). Anyway, there's lots to see here, you don't need MY help.

Also from July '58 is this nice shot of Town Square... if it wasn't so perfect, I could almost believe that this was a photo from some actual small town!

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Anonymous said...

mm I always have a good time ending a week. It's beginning it that's a real drag!

That does feel so much like a small town! wow Do you smell popcorn? Hm I do... Like that lady in the center? Margie's in a huff, lookin' around wonderin' "Now who's a-peckin' to me with pebbles?" while behind her we can see it's her younger cousin Fred, unloading the unpopped kernels in the bag at Margie and gettin' in the spirit of fun for the first time in 20 years hehe

Mm I like space bars. The skyway sign is neat kinda an ancestor to the '64 world's fair thingy. And those buckets look like they're made of the same materials and colors as me grandpa's '50s aluminum cups.

outsidetheberm said...

Hey Major, really like that first shot. While the static slide images are great, what's really interesting is to see those same towers and signs in Tomorrowland in motion on old home movies. They are quite kinetic and eye catching. Sometimes you don't really realize how much motion was taking place in these images.