Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Frontierland 1956

Today we've got two classic images from 1956 Frontierland! First is the great shot of the Mark Twain. The Disneyland Band is disembarking, they just played an entire set of Pink Floyd classics, and it didn't go over too well. Those kids with the buzz-cuts are thinking about what it will be like to be hippies some day, and it ain't pretty.

Tom Sawyer Island had only just opened this year, it was not an opening-day attraction. It's strange that it took pirates 50 years to discover the island considering that it is less than 100 feet from the mainland! Most of Frontierland looks like a whole lotta nothin', unless you happen to like scrubby little trees and bushes. Which I do, what's it to ya? I never noticed the large oar used to steer, these days they just use sheer engine power to move those babies around. Maybe it just looked good but had no real function?


spajadigit said...

That's a GREAT picture of the Mark Twain!

Anonymous said...

Ha. Pink Floyd classics. In 1956.

Westcot2000 said...

Great pictures. I think the oar is attached to a submerged rudder. In the 90's the oar was functional in a technical sense, but the steering is performed by the rudder.

Does the tiller no longer have anything at the end?