Sunday, July 06, 2008

Souvenir Sunday - Tomorrowland

It's time to delve into the box of old souvenir Disneyland slides! Today there are two variants from the "Tru Tone" set, both showing wonderful color views of the classic Tomorrowland.

This first view is (I assume) from 1955... notice that the Monsanto Hall of Chemistry building to the extreme right has a rather anonymous exterior. The plants around the Clock of the World have had time to fill in, so this isn't as early as, for instance, the earliest postcard views that show mostly bare earth around the clock. I think that the use of nautical flags is an odd choice for a land of tomorrow, but their color and movement helped to liven up what could have been a sterile-looking place that was barely complete.

Now the Monsanto attraction has a playful, beautiful sign out front, complete with a giant atoms. The people are dressed for a chilly day, at least by California standards. And there's only one lone kid in front of the clock, trying to figure it all out!


The Viewliner Limited said...

Incredible pictures!!! Remember I told you about standing in front of that clock and trying to figure it out and wondering about what was happening in the other parts of the world? That kid might as well be me. Unreal!

Unknown said...

That kids looks very blurry and ominous...

Maybe he is a Time Traveler after all!

Great shots. The buildings of "Old" Tomorrowland always look so peculiar to me.