Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two From August 1960

If you were ever curious about what the Richfield Eagle's rear-end looked like, then today is your lucky day! But don't take it personally, he is not trying to be rude. You can see his Fantasyland Autopia counterpart in the distance. The 3-car blue Monorail was only about a year old here; it always makes me think of our old station wagon, which was the same blue! If the Monorail had fake wood paneling, then it would have really caught on and been used in cities across the nation. Below us, some Autopia cars are out of commission thanks to the hard life they led.

I like this shot of Harper's Mill, with the various vines and bushes growing "wild". It really gives the place a feeling of age and disuse. And the crooked chimney makes it feel even more backwoodsy. Harper's Mill did not grind wheat or corn or other grain... it was in fact a giant peppermill. Try not to sneeze.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Are you trying to embarrass that poor eagle??? I like your wood paneling idea, add a roof rack and I’ll buy one! I miss the way the mill looked in its original setting, that part of the island just looks wrong now. Nice post, Thanks!

spajadigit said...

That picture of Harpers Mill is soooo cool!