Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Plastic Fantastic, 1957

So you say you want to buy a house. Don't tell me you want one of those old -fashioned wooden houses with stucco or aluminum siding. Strictly squaresville, daddy-o. And Buckminster Fuller's dymaxion monstrosities... don't make me laugh! Today all the with it cats want a house made of plastic. It's not as crazy as it sounds, just take a look at this gleaming example, its geometric perfection softened by lovely trees and shrubs and the gentle murmur of a decorative waterfall.

Acting like a giant tupperware container, the plastic house of the future kept people fresher, longer. You'd live to be 100, and still be tender and juicy.

Hey lady, whatcha got there? She's been spending some money on souvenirs... there's a guidebook in its original mailing envelope, some lucky kid (grandchild?) was probably going to get that. And that striped tube is intriguing. Did it contain some rolled-up paper goodie? Maybe it's from the Art Corner (a pastel portrait?). It's too small for an attraction poster, and too large for most other paper items that I can think of. If anybody has a good guess, let's hear it!


Jason Schultz said...

I have a better question: why is she standing in the sprinklers with her paper items?

Thufer said...

the striped tubes were used to carry a portrait purchased from from then main street (later from new orleans square)

Anonymous said...

I just want to say one word to you, Benjamin... Plastics.

But I don't think that's Mrs Robinson.