Saturday, March 08, 2008

Da Matterhorn

Let us go back in time, a time before the Matterhorn was infested with abominable snowmen. A time when dinosaurs ruled the earth! Oh wait, I mean the 1960's. Forget about that whole dinosaur thing, sorry.

In 1964, a mysterious green wall appeared around the Matterhorn. Some say it was the alien overlords who put it there (they stole it from Fenway Park). Well, OK, I say that. Others say that it is a wall intended to hide some construction going on. And I say to those people, "Whu?". If those people are so darn smart, then what exactly was being built?

In this second photo (taken in 1960), our photographer was in the Skyway, heading towards the Tomorrowland station behind him. Below, a kid is either walking like a spaz or he thinks he can hitchhike his way onto the Skyway.


Christopher said...

I don't know why the construction wall was up in '64... but I'd like to throw out a possibility that perhaps someone might be able to confirm or deny:

At some time between 1959 and my earliest recollection ('70-ish) the Monorail was realigned in this exact area. (originally hugging the Matterhorn before a small jog to the right to align with the station-currently the swing around the Matterhorn brings the track right up next to the back of (now Buzz Lightyear)which is within direct alignment of the station and the earlier "jog" has been eliminated) My personal research indicates this was not part of the "Hotel expansion" track change, but I have not yet nailed down a more specific time frame. (prior to the '67 redo is the time frame I give most credence to)

So... IS there anyone out there "darn smart" enough to share the answer of what exactly WAS being built??

Matterhorn1959 said...

Thanks for the post about me! Oh wait, it is about the attraction, not me. Nice views, always happy to see my favorite ride.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the kid is a spaz or trying to thumb a ride on the monorail. I do believe that he is our old friend Phineas in his mortal corruptible state checking out the digs while waiting for the Haunted Mansion to be completed. I think some type of accident keeps his left arm in a permanent state of hitchhiking readiness.

Unknown said...

Anonymous--I like that one!

Matterhorn, I thought it was a picture of you or Daveland in the park... ;)