Saturday, March 15, 2008

Four from Frontierland, July 1961

Wow, this series of slides from July 1961 just seems to go on forever, doesn't it? There's plenty more to see, too. Today I thought I'd concentrate on Frontierland because... well, just because.

The Fort. Forbidding. Impenetrable. If those logs could only speak. Hey, audio animatronic logs. Brilliant! They sing, they dance, they tell corny jokes and then teach us about the importance of fire safety. How can it fail? Get Tony Baxter on the phone, Mabel!

That Indian Canoe is passing the Fort, but it's too close for comfort. Those brave soldiers have no choice but to shoot. Self defense, you understand.

Well, they got away this time, thanks to some fancy paddling.

I like to drop by the friendly Indian Village to buy some pemmican. And donuts.

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Amazon Belle said...

Hi Ya Major,

It's been a while since I've stopped by, but wanted to say thank you for these great photos of Frontierland. What I really like is that at the Friendly Indian Village you can see that there used to be real fire in the camp. How cool is that! Oh, and it helps with he pemmican and donuts you love so much. Keep up the great work!