Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Knott's Birdcage Theater, 1967

Knott's Berry Farm's Birdcage Theater might be known to some folks as one of the early venues during Steve Martin's formative years as a performer. This photo is from a few years after Mr. Martin left Knott's, but it's still a great view of the theater and some of the signage.

Looks like they finally corrected the sign to read "Live Entertainment" rather than "Live Entertaiment". The show, "Satan's Sawmill", sounds like a lot of fun! I can just see a "Snidely Whiplash" type character tying pure-of-heart Gwendolyn to the terrifying saw table. I've lightened up the shadows in this closeup so that we can see a little bit of the inside; a painted officer cautions latecomers to be quiet, because nothing's more annoying than noisy latecomers!


Merlinsguy said...

Beautiful photo. Thanks for that!

Matterhorn1959 said...

I really like the next show sign and the Satan's Sawmill sign is also amazing. I wonder if this was the time period when Ed Big Daddy Roth was painting signs for Knotts. Both have kind of his look.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, I never knew that Big Daddy Roth painted signs for Knott's. Those flames look suitable for a hot rod!

Smee said...

I was just at KBF today (Friday 3/21) and took some photos of the theater. The only differences I can see in the building seem to be that they have removed the marquis lights inside, and he 1881 over he door seems to have been repainted in a smaller size type, but otherwise unchanged in 40 years!

Anonymous said...

I was looking for info on my old banjo teacher Don Galvan and this site came up.
It was 67', I was 9 and each time I learned a new tune Mr. Galvan would bring me up on stage with him at the Bird Cage or the outside Medicine Show wagon. I took my lessons backstage of the Bird Cage where I'd often wait as a young actor/ also banjoist would be -that actor, Steve Martin taught me to play "Home Sweet Home" on banjo,a real nice guy.
Jon Miller jonmiller54@yahoo.com