Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Main Street, September 1975

Here are a couple of slides from 1975 featuring Main Street U.S.A. To be honest, things haven't changed much in the intervening 30+ years!

Mmmm, ice cream. People hate ice cream now, that's why this restaurant is gone! Notice the ultrasonic riot control devices on top of the building, used to pacify deliriously happy crowds. It turned their insides to goo! Could the patriotic decorations on the light post be part of Disneyland's early celebration of the upcoming bicentennial?

Oops, sorry, you can't get ice cream here today. Renovation, I'd wager. Looks like Mickey is apologizing for the inconvenience.

Looking towards the Main Street Magic Shop, we see even more red white and blue bunting. Crossing the street is a cute nurse, even the guy behind her is checking out her gams. There's just something about that white uniform! Maybe she was finishing her shift at the Baby Center to the right?

Please enjoy the rest of your day!


Matterhorn1959 said...

Major- I think you are correct about the lampost sign. I believe they have America 1776-1976 on them. It also looks like it was a fairly uncrowded day.

Anonymous said...

"Looks like Mickey is apologizing for the inconvenience"

Actually, Mickey thought he just had to break wind, but it turned out unpleasantly different, and he is apologizing for his incontinence.

Anonymous said...

Heeeeellllooooo Nurse!

anyone who gets that reference gets extra-happy bonus points!