Sunday, March 02, 2008


Goofy - - "foolish; Harmlessly eccentric" - - yep, that about does 'er! Here's a fun picture of The Goof making people happy in Fantasyland. It almost looks like a publicity photo. But it isn't.

And, just because it was waiting for it's closeup, here's a view from the Mark Twain. It's a mysterious Indian burial! I wish I knew when this was removed from the park. Or is it still there? I've got no recollection of seeing it the last few times I rode the steamboat. There's something about this feature that I like... the dose of reality, a peek at customs that we might consider strange (and maybe a bit scary), and of course the tribute to the old west. Imagine being on a real steamboat 150 years ago, heading through the wilderness, and seeing a sight like this! I'm doing a terrible job of saying what I mean, so hopefully you get it. Anyway, those were the days when you could see at least a couple of dead bodies at Disneyland! Nowadays - - not so many.


Daveland said...

Sadly, the dead Indian guy is gone. Not sure when he left "the building"...he and the dead settler probably left about the same time. Probably a union issue.

Anonymous said...

In his dedication speech for Disneyland, Walt mentioned the "hard facts that have created America". This Indian grave, and the burning settler's cabin is what Walt was talking about.

... but times have changed. There's no marketing angle, no cross-promotional synergy... the child psychologists will tell you it's damaging to kids, and the lawyers will menacingly hint that it's somehow "insensitive".

Obviously Walt had it all wrong when he did this crazy "Disney's Land" thing. But rest assured the sharp-pencil boys will fix it all.

-Katella Gate

FoxxFur said...

Walt Disney World still has the burial ground past the Indian Village. It's a neat little tableau. =) "Just beyond the village, up that hill, is their sacred burial ground. Those who fall in battle are placed atop the traditional bed of death. After night fall, they'll return to mourn the great warriors who brought honor to the tribe!" - Liberty Belle Riverboat narration

ShadZ said...

Sometimes I don't like the older character costumes, but that's a swell Goofy