Monday, March 03, 2008

Clock o' the World, 1957

The Clock of the World wasn't just a cool way to tell time, it also was apparently a popular place for tobacco lovers to gather and consider what a big world we lived in. Not a single cigarette butt on the ground, as you can see!

The clock itself is an odd bit of design. The earth is represented by an inverted, truncated cone, set on top of a contemporary 1950's tiled base (more truncated coneage!). It is crowned with what is almost a medieval sculpture representing the sun and the moon. I have no doubt that if I had seen this as a kid, I would have stared at the little globe, waiting for the numbers to change one minute at a time!

In the background, a bustling, classic Tomorrowland. Too bad it's so distant, but there looks to be quite a lot of folks gathered around the Flight Circle.


mr wiggins said...

Another great shot major! Really ilustrates that feel of being "pulled into the action" that the entrance to TL '55 gave you... an effect that was even more powerful with the sweeping design of TL '67.

The Viewliner Limited said...

WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS this one of the greatest shots ever? Stared at it?... it was mesmorizing. The world clock was the first thing I ever physically saw that really gave you a perspective of different parts of the world. Meaning that I could actually see what time it was in Africa or Asia, because you simply never thought about those things until you saw the world clock. It is hard to explain the feeling when you saw the clock at the entrance to knew that once you entered your were truly in a different place, and not at all part of the real world. Tomorrowland at that time was "Tomorrowland". Thanks Major, you have made my day, my week and my month :-)

Ryan P. Wilson said...

I have to agree with viewliner ltf. And while I never had the chance to see the clock, it has always been one of those icons I marvel at.