Sunday, March 30, 2008

Souvenir Sunday (Casey Junior)

It's time to bust out the vintage souvenir slides, yo! And today we've got two nice early views ("Tru Tone" slides) featuring Casey Jr. As you can see, construction is still going on, so these slides must date from 1955. Casey Jr. is one of the original Disneyland attractions, dating back to opening day.

It looks like the engineer is dressed as a Ringmaster. No, not one of those scary guys from "Lord of the Rings", but one of the scary guys who directs a circus performance.

I've always loved old Casey Jr., chugging like an oversized toy through the storybook landscape! It probably wasn't hard to convince Walt Disney to put another train ride in his theme park, and this one has oodles of charm.


Anonymous said...

Boy is that vintage. That one shot still shows construction going on. Speaking of Casey Jr., I believe the open “sleigh” cars were converted from seats on the original carousel. Now that’s recycling!

Ed Mahony said...

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

These are great! I like the lush landscaping! Looks like the track is already getting rusty? I wonder if that original track was reused from somewhere else.

Nice Slides! Now if you had a slide of Casey’s ticket booth THAT would awesome!


Chris Merritt said...

The COLORS children - the COLORS!!!!

Seriously great early images, these...