Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Jumble

Welcome to another Sunday of random images!

First up is a nice view of a Horseless Carriage making it's way around the Plaza. The kid in the foreground is holding his souvenir guide from the Sleeping Beauty Castle walk-through. In the background is the anachronistic Monsanto House of the Future. Or is it Main Street that's the anachronism??

I always loved the experience of walking through one of the tunnels into Town Square...Disneyland was largely designed by people who originally worked on movies, and entering the park really is "cinematic". The tunnel temporarily constricts your view, and as you walk forward, you see more and more until you are completely enveloped by the "world of yesteryear".

It's interesting that the park designers (or Walt himself) did not choose to make Frontierland feel like a typical Western backlot (a lá Corriganville). Instead it looks more like a prosperous town along the Mississippi, pre-Civil War.

I love the "Indians" who are manning the canoes (called the "Indian War Canoes" back then). Today I would choose the name "Pooh Canoes", just because it makes me laugh. I am officially starting a band with that same name. Who's with me?


Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures, and I agree with your 'Western vs. Mississippi comment. I too have wondered about that. Perhaps in the California area, it was already done? And lastly, long live the "Pooh Canoes"!

Anonymous said...

Rock and roll!

Anonymous said...

This is the first photo I've seen showing a Disneyland Hotel poster actually in place at the Park. Since I have an original hanging in my own tunnel, um, hallway, you've made my day! Thanks.

walterworld said...

It always amazes me to see the park so empty in the old days. Can you imagine the Canoes being open nowadays on such a slow day?