Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fun Fotos

Well, Daveland already had some amazing slides of some of the cutouts that were on Main Street years ago (see them here). But I was still happy to find this slide, showing one more in the background that hasn't been seen before: Mickey in his "Beanstalk" getup.

Novelty photos of this sort have been around nearly as long as photography itself...I'll bet this simple idea would still be popular today. You, as Buzz Lightyear, or Alice in Wonderland, or even a Hitchhiking Ghost. They could even shock everybody and let you take your picture!


Daveland said...

Nice addition to the group I posted; and you got the best one - Mickey! I’m afraid in today’s high-tech age, it would be difficult to get Disney to put this type of thing in the park. However, I think that many of the guests would prefer this instead!

Major Pepperidge said...

That's nice of you to say, Dave, but I personally think that your "20,000 Leagues" fun foto is the best!