Saturday, July 07, 2007

Indian Dancers, 1957

Here's a great Kodachrome slide showing the Indian dancers in 1957. Actually, we are getting a better look at the audience, which is just as fun. Check out the kid in the "Mickey Mouse Club" shirt! I also see 3 "Keppy Kaps", at least one guidebook, and one kid holding a large shopping bag (from the Emporium?).

It is interesting that one of the Indian dancers is a child of about five years old...labor laws must have been lax in the 50's, to say the least! Do you think he actually pulled down a salary?

Eventually the Indians left Disneyland, I'm not sure if it was because of waning interest on the part of the guests, or if the dancers themselves were unhappy.
Probably a bit of both. Still, it's fun to see these photos and remember how the whole country was once crazy about anything to do with the American west.


Matterhorn1959 said...

I like the crowd, I have that Mickey Mouse Club T shirt...

Daveland said...

That has to be one of the best Indian Village shots I have seen - thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I can't say for sure, but at least SOME of the indians stuck around, and found new roles at DL, and eventually WDW.

One of the Original dancers, a gentleman named Ron Heminger, started with DL in Dec. '55, and eventually made his way to WDW.

He spent the majority of his career in Custodial management.

I worked for him in '95-'96, at EPCOT, and had the pleasure of being at DL for the 40th anniversary and saw him, along with Dick Nunis.

In case anyone cares.


Unknown said...

This is my grandma Rose Clifford on the right and the little boy is my uncle Mike. My aunt Cheryl also danced but I haven't seen any photos of her yet! Thanks so much for posting.

Unknown said...

In regards to Uncle Mike's salary ... lol he danced for tips apparently! But he did get to ride the rides after work so don't feel too bad for him.