Saturday, July 21, 2007

Snow White Load Area, August 1968

Two little girls are about to embark on a scary journey through Snow White's adventures. They will be safe though, especially with Snow White herself at the controls! Just look at all those knobs she has to twiddle. You can clearly see the red "self destruct" button that she's supposed to press in extreme emergencies! She's been working on her tan, and Prince Charming bought her a new wristwatch at Woolworth's.

I guess that blue-green box to our right is where they put the tickets ("C" tickets?) after they were removed from the books. And at the bottom of the "Grumpy" vehicle, you can see some sort of pedal sticking out if you look closely. I wonder if that's the release for the lap bar?


Daveland said...

No wonder Snow White wasn't IN the old version of her ride...she was busy operating the controls! Nice shot! I've never seen one of the characters operating a dark ride.

Anonymous said...

I've also never, ever seen a CM in character operating an attraction. Perhaps the costuming was this woman's personal initiative (done with the proper permission of course)

Speaking of the green ticket box, I've always (40 years qualifies as "always") wondered something. To the right of the waste chute is a ticket dispenser that seems to hold a few roles of standard "carnival" tickets. Were these replacement tickets that the CM could hand out in a pinch? (Goodwill? Replace a ticket torn but then the guest did not embark on the ride?)

... and by the way, isn't it nice to see people wearing real clothes? Nothing with advertising, political messages, or sexual innuendo. Just pink chintz and a skirt.

-Katella Gate

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks Dave!

And Katella, I do have an old "Snow White" ticket that is from a roll, like carnival rides, rather than from the classic ticket books. However, I was under the impression that by 1968, the days of buying individual tickets was long gone. Maybe not?

Disneyana World said...

Awesome post.

Anonymous said...

Major: Somebody who is an authority should put together a website on Disneyland ticketing media (hint, hint), but I seem to recall that the tickets sold at the free-standing ticket booths were "carnival" style, not the "Globe" style tickets in the ticket books.

-Katella Gate

Major Pepperidge said...

I am far from an authority on tickets, there is such a wide variety. I own quite a few complete old ticket books, and a few random interesting single tickets, but other than that my knowledge is basic.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Well Katella Gate, while I am not an authority on Disneyland Tickets, I have been collecting them for a few years now and I have a great number of tickets and books and all kinds of "paper stuff" :-). I am actually working on a blog/website for Disneyland Tickets, give me about a month or so and I should have it up and going.

Major, maybe you could help me once I get going with my blog by sending me some scans of your collection? Also, Major, Daveland and Matterhorn-1959 could maybe help me by linking once I’m up and running!

Anyway, I love all these posts, you all do great work, keep it up!

Tim (E-Ticket Tim)