Friday, July 20, 2007

Skyway & Tomorrowland (1958?)

I am convinced that at least half of the photos shot at Disneyland were taken from the Skyway. Here's another one of 'em! It's a gray, uncrowded day in Tomorrowland...the yellow passenger cars of the Disneyland & Santa Fe Railroad can be seen in the distance. And of course the Rocket Jets, Autopia, Space Bar, and part of the Rocket to the Moon attraction are also visible.

At the bottom of the picture is the Viewliner station...this slide was stamped with a "July 1960" date, and the Viewliner was long gone by then, replaced by the Monorail, Matterhorn and Submarine Voyage in 1959. Maybe somebody had this roll of film sitting in a drawer for two years before they had it developed. Anyway, it appears that there is somebody inside the ticket booth, so I am assuming that the ride was still operating when the picture was taken (unless the person was put in there for being naughty).


Joe Shelby said...

Yeah, between the loss of the Skyway and the loss of Wedway People Mover, it's very difficult today to get elevated shots that turn crowds from "people in the way" into "part of the picture".

I managed a few nice Tomorrowland shots by taking them on the upper level of Innoventions (ex-Carousel of Progress) but today that's about as high as anybody can get.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Joe- there is always the Monorail platform for getting above ground shots as well.

Steve Tanner at Magical Trash said...

Nice deduction on the Viewliner status. Never would have thought about that.

Westcoast Brian said...

Hey I'm sorry to post a comment on an old blog but I see something else interesting in the photo. You can see the Tomorrowland train station with the old yellow train there. That's interesting because most people think the tomorrowland train station is the former viewliner train station, but from this photo you can see it's not true.