Monday, July 09, 2007

Rocket to the Moon

Attention earthlings! Here is one of my favorite Tomorrowland slides. It probably dates from 1956 (I assume that those cables in the background were for the Skyway, even though there aren't any buckets), and gives us a dramatic view of the TWA Rocket to the Moon. One either side you can see the distinctive outdoor booths of "Hobbyland", where so many wonderful Disneyland souvenirs were sold. To the left there is a selection of Revell plastic models just waiting for some boy to take home. Nearby you could almost certainly find the Strombecker models of the Moonliner and the Stagecoach. Also to the left, in the background, you can see the fencing that surrounded the Wenmac flight circle.

This is another example of a slide that had turned intensely magenta. Thanks to the spaceage miracle of Photoshop (with assistance from the RAND corporation and NASA), Tomorrowland lives again.


Anonymous said...

My favorite Disneyland memory has to do with the Rocket to the Moon:

One summer night, I took my 5 yr old nephew on the attraction. As we exited the ride, he looked up in the sky and saw a brilliant full moon. He pointed at it and said excitedly (and in total magical belief) "LOOK! THAT'S WHERE WE WERE!"

Matterhorn1959 said...

Very nice image and nice restoration. Thank Mr. NASA for me!