Friday, July 06, 2007

More Freedomland

By popular demand, here are two more images of Freedomland, from September 1960 (see the first couple here). Here's the Ernest S. Marsh pulling into a station (how many station were there?). The gingerbread details don't seem to be on the San Francisco station, perhaps it is in the "Old Chicago" area. According to the 1962 guidebook, "After a tour of Chicago, you can board the Santa Fé Railroad for a fabulous trip to San Francisco - and back, if you wish. As the "Iron Horse" picks up speed for the long climb over the Rockies, you'll pass the State Fair Midway, Borden's Farm, and Fort Cavalry. Once over the crest, the panoramic Pacific Coast comes into view."

I know there are one or two collectors out there that would love to have that railroad cap with the badge. But you can't have it because I saw it first.

Next we get a look at Freedomland's canoes. I can't find much information about them, maybe they were a short-lived attraction at a short-lived park. It looks like there was not much of an attempt at any western theme, as contrasted with Disneyland's "Davy Crocketts Explorer Canoes".

In the distance you can see part of the Autopia, I mean the "Horseless Carriages". It consisted of a "...fleet of 40...authentic models of 1909 Cadillacs ready for a run - with you at the wheel - through Freedomland's "New England". They're real gasoline buggies, with old-time Klaxon horns that really let other drivers know you're coming. The entire family can go right along with you as you motor over a half-mile of rolling countryside. The highway patrol is no problem here: a special governor keeps your Caddy at a safe and comfortable speed."


Anonymous said...

Thank you Major, the Freedomland Pix are absolutely great. Keep them coming. Do you by chance have the souvenir guide of Freedomland and is there a chance you could post it, so we can all see what this place was all about. I appreciate all the great pictures that you have taken the time to post. Your blog has become a source of daily smiles to me.

Disneyana World said...

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Thomas said...

Wow, thanks for uploading these pictures. I spent the early years of my life in Co-Op City (which is built on Freedomland's original territory) and ive always wondered what Freedomland looked like. My uncles always talked about it.