Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Roundhouse

Here is a series of photos (supposedly from the 80's), showing trains in and outside of the roundhouse. Sorry they're so grainy...

The first photo shows the E.P. Ripley on one of the tracks, with a pit beneath it so that work can be done from below. I sure wish we could see into the roundhouse (which obviously isn't round) better.

Here's the Ripley again, with steam hissing from the locomotive. I wonder if it was about to head into the park? Seems kind of late in the day to start running.

Here's ol' #3, the "Fred Gurley". I'm not sure if this is still in a "backstage" area.

And finally, the C.K. Holliday (with its distinctive "balloon stack") sits, awaiting some TLC from the skilled crew.

NOTE: I think I'm gonna skip tomorrow, I need a day off from blogging once in a while! See you Monday.


Daveland said...

Enjoy your day off; you deserve it, especially after these great DLRR photos!

Anonymous said...

The photo of the Fred Gurley IS backstage. The crossing you see is the Parade Float Crossing or "small world gate" the round "square" house is to the right of the photo and the subs repair area would be just to the left. This is just past SMALL WORLD.