Monday, July 18, 2011

More Knott's, March 1977

Today's first Knott's Berry Farm photo is this rather unlovely picture taken in the new "Roaring 20's" area; but if we zoom in a bit, we see a few interesting features...

At the extreme right, near the "Roaring 20's" sign, you can see just a sliver of the Calico Mine Train building. Panning left, there's the Buffalo Nickel Penny Arcade (gotta have an arcade in the 70's!). The fountain was a prop from the movie "Hello Dolly". And finally to the left you can see the building that housed the much-beloved "Knott's Beary Tales" ride.

Now we're in Boot Hill, looking at the tombstone of Joseph Nagnabber. He nabbed nags! I love that he died of "suspended animation".

And finally, from sometime in the 70's, here are those crazy seals again. Notice the sign in the background for the "educated animals".


TokyoMagic! said...

Whoa, what a great shot! Just a smidgen of the Haunted Shack's roof and queue can be seen on the far left. On the far right, that spiral staircase led to the ride operators office (which has since been demolished). And that Buffalo Nickel Penny Arcade sign was taken down when the right side of the arcade was converted into a Johnny Rockets. :-(

Nancy said...

look at all those great signs! you know that there can never been too many good signs. the Roaring 20s is another place we should visit in that time machine..

what was Knott's Berry Tales? is it still there?

we had a Boot Hill in our local West View Park (long gone since 1977, we had our school picnics there and i miss it a lot). ours was a walk thru, and it was awesome

those seals certainly seem to be having a lively conversation

great way to start the week! thanks ;)

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks TM!, wow I would have never guessed that the Haunted Shack was in the middle of all that pavement. Somehow I imagined it was way more in the Ghost Town area. But I believe you!!

Nancy, those seals are singing doo-wop.

JG said...

I never knew this Knotts area, after my time.

Pictures are fun, it looks like they were trying hard for a while.

Maybe those seals are practicing to become mermaids in the Disneyland Lagoon?


Connie Moreno said...

Boy, did that bring back memories! I was so bummed when they took out Berry Tales.


I miss Knott's ROARING 20's more and more. I don't think I appreciated it as much as I should have when it was new. Does ANYONE out there have a color picture of the PALMS CASINO -that pink brick building with rhe black entry awning(now Dino Digs or soemthing like that) and that great black and yellow taxi cab?????

A few months ago I was there and was stunned to see the "Speak-Easy" doorbuzzer and effect still working!!! This is the door with the small slide window in it between CORDY'S amd bellow the GoodTime Theater. When you press the door buzzer, the peephole slides open and you can hear a jazzband playing inside (like a Speak-easy)..then it slides closed and the Jazz music becomes muffeled. I think years ago a man's voice would say something like" what do ya want" or "no one can come to the door we're a little tie up" ??

outsidetheberm said...

That's a nice early shot of the fountain. This makes me want to dig around a bit for some of the 20th Century Fox / Hello Dolly studio tour slides I know I've seen around here...

And Mike, I know I've got the Palms Casino captured on a slide somewhere here, too. Will do some checking.

Great stuff, Major.

Chris Merritt said...

Wow - great stuff! I don't think that Roaring 20's sign was there on the right for very long - I only have vague memories of it from my childhood. Mike - I know I have a good, clear Palms Casino shot as well - just gotta dig it out of the ol' hard drive!