Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Toothsome Twosome

I've two from the 50's for you today, starting with this view looking up at the Skyway as it heads to (and from) the Chalet (frm 1958). I guess I've come to terms with the Skyway never coming back, but maybe they could turn the Chalet into a nice restaurant or something. Maybe it would a good place to watch the fireworks from! I've got ideas...!

And it's ye olde tyme castle, circa 1956, gleaming under a cerulean blue sky. There's one of those short-lived signs with a map of the land you were about to enter, in this case Fantamotiousland.


Anonymous said...

yes! You have good ideas too. Head of Gorilla Industries and all that. hehe

Ow all them big words. cerulean? Me head hurts. Oh wait. That was just the new rrrap cd my neighbour's playin'. mm I'll be ok. i think.

Fantamotiousland! I remember it well! hehe

TokyoMagic! said...

What was the print on the underside of those umbrellas and where can we get some of that material??? I have never seen a shot of the inside of one of these. Are those supposed to be photos? Postcards? I think I can see Snow White in one of them. Wow, the rare pics that you have in your collection, Major..... Hopefully you don't get tired of hearing this, but THANK YOU once again for sharing with us!

Mike said...


Special thanks for the Skyway photo. It is a shame to see the old lonely chalet sitting empty on the hill and rapidly disappearing into enormous pine overgrowth.

I posted some recent shots of the current state of the Skyway chalet on my blog:

I like your photograph much better!

This is an attraction that really needs to be brought back.


Anonymous said...

I agree. The Chalet was one of those few wonderful places of respite in the Park. What a waste.

The Viewliner Limited said...

Probably the most peaceful castle scene I have seen. Very cool. Great skyway pic too.