Saturday, August 02, 2008

1955 Fuzzy Frolics

I have a number of photos from Disneyland's opening month, which is ordinarily a great thing. But these are BLURRY. Arg! Oh well, I figured I might as well post them, stand a few feet from your computer and you can hardly tell that there's anything wrong with these. This is how the world looks to me when I'm not wearing my glasses, anyway!

Vesey Walker looks striking in his red coat and black pants; it seems that the bandleader's costumes lightened up as the years went by until he often wore all white (this is known as "Colonel Sanders Syndrome"). Anyway, he's stylin' here! And he's having a great time, waving to the crowd and looking like the King of Main Street. The band looks less circusy and more military in their black uniforms - - I think it's a pretty sharp look. (It's killin' me that these are blurry, ladies and gents). Hey look, real tubas, not sousaphones!

The Tomorrowland Spaceman seems to be a bit disoriented (Space Madness!), he's somehow wandered out of the Land of Tomorrow and is standing waaaay out in the hub. Don't worry, after his shift he was led out back and beaten for his transgression.

Did I mention that these are blurry?


spajadigit said...

I just wanted to let you know... Those pictures are blurry.

Just in case you weren't wearing your glasses or something.

Anonymous said...

Like we used to yell to the projectionist: 'FOCUS!'

Anonymous said...

"Colonel Sanders Syndrome!" rotfl

Thats ok Major especially since you've had the newer scanner they've been quite nice on average so if some are less than ideal that's ok and 'sides they're neat early pics no use lettin 'em to ta waste. I enjoyed them and now I'm in the Main Street Mood I'mm gonna go enjoy an ice cream bar and hope it doesn't go to waist. hehe

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Fun pics, but did you notice they are just a little blurry? The band looks great in Black!

outsidetheberm said...

Really enjoying that spaceman shot. The guy inside looks to be all of fourteen years old.

While he's not exactly out on the hub, he's certainly wandered well out to the front of Tomorrowland - maybe as a 'welcome' of sorts. Neat shots!

Katella Gate said...

The old Tuba vs. Sousaphone debate! Bah! If Disney really wanted to impress me, they'd be marching with "over the shoulder" Civil War brass instruments .... backwards.

Anonymous said...

Hang on to these. Someday Adobe will invent a deblur filter and then you can fix them.

I like seeing them all. You might even think of a regular feature like “Out of Focus Friday”.

CoxPilot said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks CoxPilot nice to see another Linux user. Thanks for sharing a tip on the interesting app. :)