Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tomorrowland & Flower Mart

I know, this one isn't very exciting...once in a while you get photos of the plantings at Disneyland, and it looks as if the "Bird of Paradise" plant was more interesting to this photographer than the rockets, flying saucers, and other wonders of Tomorrowland circa 1962. Oh well, they can't all be winners I guess!!

This lady was probably very nice, but she looks like a stern schoolteacher...don't mess with her! I love the incongruous "cat's eye" shades with her "Gibson girl" attire.


Matterhorn1959 said...

The Tomorrowland shot is great. I love the building and the lights. And the Birds of Paradise do look lovely. I think the lady in the bottom photo is saying who put the Carnations in with the Daisy's? Now I have to re-arrange everything!

Davelandweb said...

Nothing to apologize for, Major—the Tomorrowland shot is a different view than what is normally posted. It’s also cool to be able to see into the Upjohn window as well with Retro-Gibson girl in front!

Eichler & Eames said...

Great shot leaving Tomorrowland toward the hub. Most every picture I've seen looks INTO Tomorrowland - not the other way.

Connie Moreno said...

As I kid, I remember seeing ladies buying flowers and I'd think to myself: "Who wants to buy stupid flowers?"