Thursday, November 30, 2006

Storybook Land Canal Boats & Casey Jr.

Storybook Land has had some minor changes over the years, but it remains very much like it was nearly 50 years ago. In this photo we are riding in one Casey Jr. Circus Train, while another chugs away up above you. A canal boat (with a male host, what a ripoff!) has just passed what I think is Toad Hall (help, experts!). I love the patchwork quilt look of the hillside in the background, reminiscent of some of the Silly Symphonies backgrounds, such as "Lullabye Land" (1933).

This slide is undated, but I believe that it is from around 1957 based on the other slides in the lot.

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Matterhorn1959 said...

The male hosts for the attraction were soon discontinued. Hostesses were used exclusively until the late 1990s. Yes that is Toad Hall and the structure at the water (right at the tip of the point) is Water Rats house. The city of Agrabah from Alladin is at this location right now.