Sunday, November 26, 2006

Matterhorn from Fantasyland, December 1960

This is an interesting twilight photo of the Matterhorn...the sun is just setting, and the lights have come on. I'd like to know where exactly the photographer was standing, because there is a construction wall around the Chicken of the Sea pirate ship (there are several ladders visible). The formerly bare and relatively uninteresting pool that the ship sat in is being transformed into a beautiful lagoon featuring the Skull Rock. The addition of the rockwork, trees and plants, and waterfalls turned this part of Fantasyland into a place, rather than just a cement pond with a fake ship. And who can forget the skull's glowing green eyes at night!

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Kevin Kidney said...

GORGEOUS shot of the Matterhorn! This paint treatment (with the "snowcap" kept to the higher altitudes) should be restored!