Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gunfight in Frontierland, December 1965

Look out! There's desperados up on them roof tops! This is a dramatic shot of one of the gunfights that were enacted in Frontierland back in the good old days - - when shootin' and killin' were still considered to be good ol' family entertainment. I am assuming that the bad guys are up there on top of the Pendleton facades, since only a yaller-bellied sidewinder would ambush someone that way. The sheriff is certainly down below with the common folk, protecting them with his deadly six-shooter. I heard he can shoot a tail feather off a crow from 100 yards away.

I can only assume that nobody falls from the roof of the building, like they did at Universal Studios...unless they are counting on soft tourist bodies to cushion their fall.


Daveland said...

Neat action shot - you rarely see this kind of stuff - great post!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Nice...I am willing to bet that it is Black Bart up on the roof up to no good. I think that Wally Boag was one of the gunfigheters.