Friday, November 02, 2018

Unusual Views

I have a couple of cool and unusual Kodak Instamatics from our pal Mr. X! 

Let's start with this very rare color view taken at one of the "Fun Photo" scenes that were located on Main Street; at first I assumed that these were from the Kodak shop, but now that I think about it, probably not, since the photos are Polaroids! For a while there was an Art Corner store on Main Street, that seems more likely. Anyway, there's a young X, cooking away in a large iron pot while a headhunter patiently waits until he is medium rare. X only allowed me to share this if I promised to disguise him, his head isn't actually made of squares. 

I have a small group of Fun Photo prints, but the headhunter scene is very scarce. Luckily for me, Matterhorn1959 had one (of course), and he graciously allowed me to share his example here. Thank you, Matterhorn!

Next up is this surprisingly clear and nice photo taken inside the Alice in Wonderland dark ride. Even with the flash I would not expect results like this. You can definitely get a sense of the painted "flats" that made up most of the ride in these early days.


Nanook said...


Mr. X comes through with another beauty-! Although certainly appreciated, as we can see the entire tableau and its colors, but you gotta admit the expressions on the gals in the B&W print really help make for a fun moment which has all but been excised in the original image. And three cheers for the Mad Hatter-!

Thanks, Mr. X & The Major.

Chuck said...

A photo of the elusive Mr. X! It appears he may be related to Minecraft Steve.

TokyoMagic! said...

Wonderful rare photos today, Major. In the bottom right corner of that last pic, we can see a bit of the spiral-shaped piece of plastic that rotated, creating the effect of "tea" being poured out of the spout of the tea pot. I loved that effect!

Melissa said...

I always assumed Mr. X was made of little X's, like a cross-stitch sampler.

I love being able to compare the color and black-and-white shots. The last time I was at Disney's Animal Kingdom, they had
this jungle scene photo op with pith-helmeted explorers and Balinese dancers near the entrance.

JC Shannon said...

I love Disneyland dark rides, and there are so few interior shots. As I have said before, Peter Pan is my fave but Alice is my second. Head hunters are always a crowd pleaser, and cannibals, don't get me started. We have a lot of old west photo places here in Montana. You can dress up as a cowboy or a saloon gal as a souvenir. I always opt for the saloon girl, I look great in petticoats. Thanks Major.

Anonymous said...

These are priceless.

@Tokyo, what a memory. Now that you mention it, I remember it too. How strange the mind works.

Major, this reminds of some pics posted from old Calico, where the cast iron bath tub caldron is still on display.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I had to do some serious convincing so that Mr. X would let me share this image. He’s very private! But I showed him the pixelated effect, so I got the OK, thank goodness.

Chuck, who is Minecraft Steve?

TokyoMagic!, doesn’t the current “Alice” ride have a similar effect in it? I thought for sure that it did. I agree with you, that simple illusion is such a neat effect!

Melissa, I need a different Photoshop filter to achieve that look! Your Balinese dancing is exquisite, you must have spent years learning the complex gestures and attitudes.

Jonathan, I was so sure I had a copy of the cannibal/headhunter “fun photo”, but I must have just remembered Matterhorn1959’s example. Every once in a while I’ll still see an image of one of those souvenir photo setups that I’ve never seen before. As for posing as a saloon girl, Knott’s had you covered. I’ll have to scan more of my “fun photos” from there!

JG, wow, the cast iron cauldron is still at Calico? That thing has been there for 50 years at LEAST.

K. Martinez said...


Chuck said...

Major, meet Minecraft Steve.


It’s amazing how some of the simplest effects ( like the twisting rod for tea pouring out) look and work the best —— better than some current digital displays and projections .....

Anonymous said...

@Major, the cauldron bathtub was still in Calico as of my last visit in 2013, in the same spot. The white lettering was a little faded.

You posted a picture of a well-dressed lady sitting in it, circa 1950's or early 60's, many years ago.


Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I grok where you are at.

Chuck, you’d think I would know Minecraft Steve, considering that I’ve watched my nephew play 5000 hours of the game. He was addicted! When he wasn’t playing it, he was watching YouTube videos of other people playing it.

Mike Cozart, you are so right!

JG, oh I remember the cauldron just fine; in fact I think I have at least one other photo of it on GDB (with a boy sitting in it). Not that I can find it, of course