Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving Thursday! I don't have any vintage holiday-specific photos for you, so... what to share? Many people are out of town or busy, should I just post something lame? Nope, I don't like that idea. Instead I found three Instamatics from our pal Mr. X - they are all somewhat unusual views.

Like this first one, featuring the Creole Cafe. How many people took pictures of the Creole Cafe?! (Answer: almost none). You can see a female CM in her uniform, something like a French maid (complete with little cap). Unlike other parts of Disneyland, Walt was apparently OK with some artificial grime, since you can see "stains" around the windows and drips along the front, as if years of soot and rain had taken effect. There are three flags flying from the building; the Stars and Stripes; Iron Man's flag; and (I think) the flag for Moosylvania (where Bullwinkle is from).

Young X tried to get a photo of the Disneyland Fire Dept. at dusk, but those photons had a hard time squeezing through the camera's aperture. And when they did, they were exhausted. The results were a bit murky, but I appreciate the effort! A girl appears to be climbing on the old Chemical Wagon while it is parked in the fire station - back in those days it was probably perfectly OK. Don't they know that this wagon will someday be in my collection, and that I expect it to be in great condition?

Here's a third unusual photo - much like the first one, I ask... who takes a picture of the "One Of a Kind Shop"? Mr. X does, that's who. The story goes that Lillian Disney was involved in this shop (at least in the early days), since she was an avid antiques collector. It's not the most exciting photo ever, but I am glad that X used his camera for good, and not evil!

I'd like to wish my U.S. readers a very Happy Thanksgiving - it's easy to forget the good things in our lives sometimes. I am thankful for all of you!


Nanook said...


The shot of the Creole Cafe is a rare one, indeed. (And it's almost being upstaged by that woman's floppy, red hat, complete with appended doodad's-!)

Thanks to you and Mr. X. And a happy Thanksgiving to you and all who land here.

K. Martinez said...

The Creole Cafe and One of a Kind Shop pics are great! The signage on all three are cool too. Thank you Mr. X and Major.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Major and to all the GDB readers!

TokyoMagic! said...

That section of the building above the Creole Cafe sign, was recently ruined when Disney removed all of the little details from the facade and added a large un-themed window.

Could that be Barbra Streisand in the One Of A Kind Shop? I remember an older cast member in the Disney Gallery telling me that she used to work in the OOAK Shop and that Barbra S. came in there and bought some big expensive antique something-or-other.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving to you, Major....and all of the GDB family!

Chuck said...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

It makes my heart glad to know that after the guests leave tonight, Disneyland cast members will descend upon the Park, roll the giant tree from backstage into Town Square, and decorate the rest of Main Street so tomorrow morning's guests will arrive to a Christmas wonderland. I love how Disneyland management has resisted the urge to move any Christmas theming forward into November and October where it would contradict with other traditional holidays. Wouldn't it be weird to see the Haunted Mansion decorated for Christmas on Hallowe'en?

Note that there is a light on in the center window of Walt's apartment over the Firehouse.

I'm wondering - does anyone know what kind of bulbs they used to highlight the silhouette of the Firehouse back then? Were they pea bulbs or wheat bulbs? Or had T1¾ bulbs been developed by that point?

Observation - it's exceptionally difficult to type with a cat draped over your arm.

JC Shannon said...

Major and Mr X have shared some pretty cool pics for Thanksgiving. No turkeys here. Sorry, I can't help it sometimes. I love the magic hour shot of the Firehouse. New Orleans Square is always a good photo op. A great place to stroll after dinner. The fact that someone bought that red hat is eclipsed only by the fact that someone thought it was a good idea to make it!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

JC Shannon said...

I was curious about One of a Kind, what is the space used for today? Yesterland only went as far as Le Gourmet. Thanks to all.

Anonymous said...

Take me back to the days where there were themed shops selling interesting and unique items. Folks would pay general admission for entrance into the park just to do their Christmas shopping. As a CM, I can remember receiving a couple special passes for free entry and shopping discounts that I'd give to my parents to use. And I would do some shopping to when off duty too.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all! KS

zach said...

Happy Thanksgiving every one! I'm thankful for the Major's dedication to this blog, all for our enjoyment.

I'm viewing this on my phone but why are the people so smalll


Melissa said...

I'm super thankful for the good ship Gorillas Don't Blog and all who sail on her. She brings me a ray of sunshine every day.

Nanook said...

@ JC Shannon-

The One of a Kind Shop disappeared in 1996, to be replaced by Le Gourmet. And then at some point in time [I don't know when] it became its current iteration: Port Royal - Curios and Curiosities. Evidently it's "the place" to find 'Haunted Mansion' or 'Nightmare Before Christmas' merchandise.

JC Shannon said...

Thanks Nanook, for the great info. Happy Thanksgiving!

dennis said...

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Dennis, Levittown, NY

DrGoat said...

Again, thanks Major and hope you had a fruitful Thanksgiving day. I ate one piece of cheesecake too many.