Friday, November 23, 2018

Five From Frontierland

Happy Friday! Today I'll be sharing five photos from the Mysterious Benefactor (who is probably a wizard). For all those people who are out of town, not looking at my blog... well, I just feel sorry for them.

The cache of vintage Frontierland scans includes quite a few restaurant and shop interiors, which is pretty cool - so this one is the first of many. A hard-working server in colonial garb (?) serves up some pancakes in the River Belle Terrace, circa 1969. Those don't look like Mickey pancakes to me (and yet, we will see some of those in future posts)! Check out the genuine china plates and actual glass cups (for coffee?). We can see from the name tag that this is Cyndy. There is a familiar "Disneyland" patch on her sweater, too.

The next two photos show the lit sign for Casa de Fritos against a sea of black. It's something different, at any rate!

This one might be from a more artful angle, but I like the lantern and additional lights visible in the first example.

From 1970 we see this watchful sheriff - almost certainly a friendly security guard, dressed to fit in with the surroundings. I would have dressed as a tree stump or an armadillo, but that's just me. I wondered if his presence might have been a result of the Yippie invasion from 1970, but the slide is marked "June", while the Yippies didn't do their mischief until August 6th. Things are about to get interesting, officer!

A pretty young lady hands over a "D" ticket for a ride on the Mark Twain or Columbia in those pre-Fantasmic! days. Like the Jungle Cruise, I always liked to ride the river craft in the day and again in the evening for a surprisingly different experience. I'd love to do that again someday!


Nanook said...


I too, was wondering about those glasses and their contents. Perhaps, as some would say... a glass tea-! In the shot with the "watchful sheriff" (remember - "They're here to help-!") I was wondering just what happened to the head on the gal wearing the red/pink/blue dress. Creepy.

These are wonderful, unusual images. The Mysterious Benefactor does it again. Thanks to you both.

TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook, I was a little disturbed by that lady too. I think we can see her lips, chin and cheek, but the rest of her head is covered by some sort of a "bob" hairdo.

Thanks M.P. and M.B., for these Frontierland rarities!

K. Martinez said...

The Mysterious Benefactor is sharing some pretty awesome pics here. These are the kinds of photos that I wish more were taken of back in those days. Photo documentation of the restaurant and shop signs as well as cast members doing their jobs.

At first I thought syrup was in those glasses, but that's too large and then I was wondering if that was Welch's grape juice. I've seen Carnation milk cartons in River Belle Terrace pics so why not another Disneyland sponsor product available at this Restaurant?

Thanks to the Mysterious Benefactor for these wonderful Disneyland images and thanks to Major for hosting.

Chuck said...

I think that the server's costume is actually based on the old Aunt Jemima logo. And I was thinking the same thing as Ken - that's probably grape juice. Either that or beef boullion; I know I always enjoy a nice, cool glass of animal protein with my breakfast.

JC Shannon said...

Happy Friday, I'm with Nanook and TokyoMagic Something is off about bob-head. She is either the ghost of Thelma Todd or a space alien (they walk among us you know). The woman handing over the coupon has a Kodak Instamatic like mine, it was my first camera. Major, the last time I dressed as an armadillo, some guy from Texas tried to run me over. As for the cups, I vote for coffee or tea. I never drink au jus before noon.

Melissa said...

That Benefactor,
He's so mysterious;
His identity's
So unclear to us.
He's got snapshots
In his attic;
They're fantastic

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to MB for these in-the-moment pics. Remarkable views, especially of River Belle Terrace.

Thanks Major.