Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hot Pink Pants Suit, April 1969

Never underestimate the power of the HOT PINK PANTS SUIT! It somehow gives off more energy than it receives - a physical impossibility - and yet, it is true. Scientists at MIT and CERN are working to understand the mechanics. Someday entire cities might be powered by this new, clean energy source.

In this first photo, we see Fun Mom and family heading out of Tomorrowland, the wrought iron fence  to our right surrounds the Matterhorn, and the rocks to our left surround the Sub lagoon. Why would anyone leave 1969 Tomorrowland? Above them a red Peoplemover train moves toward a tunnel, where the walls have colorful shapes applied to them. Is the restaurant in the background the Space Bar? 

The hot pink pants suit glows with more vibrance than ever before - the good vibes of "It's a Small World" have amplified the light waves. In effect, Fun Mom is wearing a laser! I'd explain how that works, but it is very technical. Don't worry, her kids are safe as long as they don't attack her with a phaser - that would reverse the polarity of the something something, and KABOOM!


Nanook said...


How's about the Tomorrowland Terrace, rather than the Space Bar-? (Perhaps there's too much Hot Pink afoot-!) I can't see how Fun Mom is 'wearing a laser', as her shoes are all wrong-!

Always grand seeing the Fun Family. Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Heading out of Tomorrowland, the stylish family ahead of Fun Family are so well dressed and color coordinated.

And then there's "it's a small world" with it's original Bank of America marquee, my favorite version of the IASW facade. Thanks, Major.

DrGoat said...

Devine is the word that pops into my head. Thanks Major. Can't get enough of the Fun Family.

JC Shannon said...

Fun Mom is nailin' it in that pant suit. Mahvelous, Dahling. I am having fun already, and I'm only on my first cup of coffee. I bet you can see her from 10,000 feet. I consulted Physics R Us, and they said something about anti-matter and string theory to account for the other-worldly glow. Those guys have a language all their own. But hey, she is totally pulling it off. I know others are going to kick me and call me names, but I think some color on IASW would look great. Perhaps hot pink! Thanks to Fun Fam and Major for todays scans.

Stefano said...

Fun Mom picked up on Hollywood glamour and dressed likewise for her trip out west. The year the Submarine Voyage opened also saw the Cary Grant movie "Operation Petticoat", in which a US submersible gets a coat of pink. "The Pink Panther" of course; and there was "What a Way To Go!" in which Gene Kelly as Pinky Benson gave his mansion a pinking. Jayne Mansfield did likewise in real off-screen life. Think Pink!

Anonymous said...

Zowie, that suit must have been visible from space.

@Ken, I noticed those folks too. Very stylish, of-the-moment, and yet understated.

Major, I agree, why would anyone leave 1969 Tomorrowland, even to ride on IASW. Knowing what I know now, you would not drag me out of Tomorrowland then with a log chain.

Sigh. At least we still have IASW. Sort of.

Thanks for pics of The Fun Family™, and many others.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I believe you are right about the Tomorrowland Terrace, but it looks so dark back there. And scary. And full of vampires.

K. Martinez, I agree with you about the Bank of America marquee, which is funny to me, considering how I’m not crazy about a lot of the sponsorships these days. It’s that nostalgia factor, I guess. And yes, that other family looks like they stepped right out of a Sears catalog.

DrGoat, Fun Mom definitely has that “Divine” quality. John Waters would have loved her.

Jonathan, why is it that no aliens on “Star Trek” ever wore hot pink? It’s the color of the future. And yet it is still NOW, daddy-o. I really do wonder if that cloth would glow under the black lights of the dark rides. Just imagine! She would be more spectacular than anything in the ride. As for hot pink on IASW, they almost did it years ago - maybe more of a raspberry sherbet color, but still, very pink.

Stefano, what about Pinky Pinkerton, one of the Howling Commandos? I might be hallucinating, but I think there was a character on the old 1966 “Batman” TV series called Pinky (or Pinkie?) Pinkerton too. Maybe played by Zsa Zsa Gabor? I remember she had a perfume that Batman said “smelled pink”.

JG, when Fun Mom visited the Great Wall of China, she was definitely visible from SkyLab! BTW, I think that Mike Cozart referred to those colorful shapes up next to the red Peoplemover train in a previous post, it’s nice to get a better look at them here. While listening to some podcasts, I’ve heard people say that they “don’t mind” the addition of Disney characters to IASW. I mind it because it was completely unnecessary, and somehow ruined the purity of the ride’s message.

JC Shannon said...

Major, Batman was such a great show. I do remember Zsa Zsa in at least one episode. Anyone remember which one? Zow! Bam!

Anonymous said...

The only items that makes me feel this was nearly 50 years ago is the lack of crowds,the size of the stroller, and that neon pink color! Yikes!! KS

K. Martinez said...

JC, it was the very last episode of the 1966 Batman TV series that Zsa Zsa Gabor appeared in. She played spa owner and criminal Minerva in "Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires". I watched the whole series about a year or two ago and I still loved it.

Anonymous said...

I always love vintage pics of IASW with the foliage behind the main/central part of the facade!

Anonymous said...

@Major, those shapes are definitely the ones that Mike was describing. It's funny that I don't recall them at all, but they look great on the wall in today's photos.

I'm sorry you don't like the Disney added characters in the IASW, but you are right, they don't add anything to the narrative of the attraction. I'm still neutral about them.

I guess I'm just grateful the changes to IASW weren't any worse. Imagining what might have been done...


Nanook said...


Don't be so certain that Fun Mom's hot pink outfit would glow under blacklight. It all depends on the type of dyes used to create that fabulous pink, and if they contain ultra-violet excitable minerals/chemicals. Sometimes the colors which end up glowing and the ones which don't are counter-intuitive.

Dean Finder said...

Hate to be a downer, but there's something particularly depressing about continually thinking "well, it could have been worse" when Disney "plusses" an attraction

Major Pepperidge said...

Jonathan, was Jill St. John (hubba hubba) in any episodes of “Batman”? It’s weird that I can find no mention of a villain named Pinkie Pinkerton from that show.

KS, I feel as if this blog post will be the thing that brings back hot pink clothing to the world. Mark my words, by this time next year, we will all be wearing that color. No more worries about deer hunters, amirite?

K. Martinez, I gave the “Batman” series on Blu-Ray to my brother, and he hasn’t even opened it. The jerk. I’m glad to know that Zsa Zsa was in the show, because I thought it might have been Eva.

JG, to be honest, the thing I don’t like most about the changes in IASW is the clumsy, badly-designed “America” section. Hey, I love America, it just seemed like “Why now, after 50 years?”. Maybe guests won’t realize that the U.S. is part of the small world? Let’s make it real obvious. End of rant. FOR NOW!

Nanook, oh I know you are right about that; as a kid who played with a black light, I was often surprised at what did and did not fluoresce. Still… look at that outfit! How could it not glow!! ;-)

Dean Finder, ha ha, you speak the truth!

Sunday Night said...

I get the feeling Fun Mom's outfit had a practical purpose..if you were one of her kids and got separated from her it would be easy to spot her.

I loved Eva Gabor in Green Acres, one of my favorite TV shows as a kid. So absurdly funny. Everyone in Hooterville seemed to know what was going on - except Oliver. Hilarious. Puts me in the mood for some hot water soup.


MAJOR: I do feel the “AMERICA” section added to “It’s A Small World” was not necessary. It was never in the original American iterations of the attraction because you the guest were already EMBARKING from the United States of America!
Over time other attractions were added - like the South Seas when the attraction came to California ....also the original countries included were only countries represented by UNICEF.
There were a few exceptions: when Marc Davis wanted to go over his concept drawings for LUXEMBOURG, Walt was evasive and seem to avoid having to review the potential inclusion - untill one day Marc cornered Walt and said “Walt I need you to have a look at these sketches.....” and Walt put his hand on Marc’s shoulder and said “Marc ; nobody gives a F**K about Luxembourg!”

Chuck said...

Major, yes Jill St John was in the very first episode of Batman. Her fate is tragic.