Friday, November 16, 2018

Firetruck Fun, May 1966

Happy Friday, everyone! I have two fun photos from May of 1966, featuring the motorized Fire Truck (not to be confused with the non-motorized Chemical Wagon). 

You know her, you love her, it's our Polly Holiday lookalike, with her signature babushka and brown (taupe?) overcoat. I wonder if she was an actress? She was caught in the photo with her eyes closed (that happens to me all the time), but she still looks fabulous. 

The Fire Truck has a special guest on board - none other than The Goof himself. I love all of the details in the background, including the Horse Drawn Streetcar, the Omnibus, the Tiki Room, and even the Swiss Family Treehouse.

Pompon Lady is also here, and she is so happy to meet Goofy, who was planning to run for President in 1968. Ya gotta get out and press the flesh! Some details: the man stuffing his face with popcorn like a 5 year-old; that cool red shirt with the brass buttons on the truck's driver; the State flags at the entrance to Tomorrowland; the little girl in the white fez. I love it all!


Nanook said...


ALL little girls should wear white fez caps - unless they happen to be little boys, in which case they should be wearing short pants-! And how's about that lady manhandling what appears to be her purse and a camera bag-?... check out that 'far out' pair of sunglasses she's wearing-! Too cool.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook, did Devo ever wear glasses like that? Regardless, that lady looks totally tubular. I know, wrong decade.

Back to the 1960's, for some reason these pics make me want to sing Nancy Sinatra's, "Hook and Ladder."

I like the "red corpuscle" print on Pompom Lady's top. Also in that second pic, Goofy's jaw looks fully articulated, like the creepy talking Mickey and Minnie rubber heads of today.

Chuck said...

Loving the Stetson and plaid coat on the guy standing in the front row of the trolley in the first photo. Interesting that some people are wearing coats and others short sleeves.

This was the last year for the old Tomorrowland. That wonderful atomic symbol on the south Tomorrowland entrance building is living on borrowed time.

I insist on brass buttons on all of my red shirts. That may explain why I don't have any.

Also - for those of you who were following yesterday's discussion on the short-lived Small World Stage, check yesterday's comments for some additional info that came to light in the late afternoon/early evening (depending on your time zone).

Melissa said...

Fez or lampshade? Only her milliner knows!

JC Shannon said...

Alot going on in these pics. Polly can really pull off the babushka look. Pic #1 is a transportation history lesson, love it. Soon to be gone with the atomic symbol is the Moonliner in the Douglas livery just behind Goofy's hat. Too bad Goofy didn't win that election. I have been searching my whole life for a hat like Goofy's. It flatters the wearer. Thanks Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Wow Double Babushka Friday! Nicely done sir!

Anonymous said...

These are fun pictures. Everyone looks happy.

Happy Friday, everyone.

Thanks Major.


Anonymous said...

JG. That's an interesting comment which caught my eye. And how right you are...we enjoyed every moment being in the park back then. With today's crowds, most guests look hurried and exhausted. KS

zach said...

What is that contraption on the sidewalk behind Devo lady?

Fun photo Friday. It's a thing.


JC Shannon said...

David, I think that is a lantern on the firetruck.

Anonymous said...

@KS, spending $1000/day per person can make anyone look hurried and exhausted.


zach said...

Gawrsh, JC! I see it now! I was hoping it was a time machine.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, strangely, whenever I see a fez I think of Morocco Mole - possibly one of the more obscure cartoon characters. That lady’s shades are very very cool.

TokyoMagic!, the funny thing is that I have another photo from a year later with a woman wearing similar shades. As 80’s as they appear, they are from the 60’s, which is a surprise. “Hook and Ladder”, don’t know that one. “Red corpuscle” is a good description of that woman’s pattern.

Chuck, the man with the plaid coat has just come to California from Texas, and he’s still not so sure about all these Hollywood types. Maybe a ride on an old-fashioned streetcar will put him at ease. I saw your conversation with TokyoMagic! about the mystery stage in Tomorrowland… it was lots of fun, but I couldn’t think of anything intelligent to ad!

Melissa, why not both?

Jonathan, it’s true, Polly looks good in her babushka, but she should still relax a little! And now that you mention it, Goofy’s hat really IS unique. I am trying to think of a silent film star that had a hat like that, but maybe there never was such a thing.

Alonzo, more babushka value for your blogging dollar.

JG, what a time it would have been to visit Disneyland. I would have loved it.

KS, I assume that people are still happy at the park - just not me, as much. I definitely get exhausted.

David Zacher, I’m reading ahead to the next comment, but you and I both saw something similar for a moment!

Jonathan, yep, that’s it…

JG, maybe that’s my issue, since I don’t have an AP… my day at Disneyland costs me some serious dough.

David Zacher, I wondered the same thing. “What is that thing back there? Took me a moment to realize what it was.

Melissa said...

I wore a fez made out of a lampshade once when I played the Ghost of Christmas Present.