Friday, November 09, 2018

Two Colorful Fantasyland Photos, August 1967

I sure do love today's pair of photos (augmented with some details), taken by Fun Dad in August, 1967. 

We're right next to the ol' Matterhorn, with some fun details such as the ticket & information booth, the Monorail track, the two Skyway gondolas, and the felt-hatted balloon vendor in the foreground. Rather than any one feature, I love the general color and energy that is evident in this photo. The park feels so clean and appealing! And it is busy, but not excessively so.

I can't ignore that impressive hat on the hipster passing by - magnifico! Just to the right of his head is a very grumpy man who needs more fiber in his diet. And to the extreme right, some of Snow White's Dwarfs - Dopey and Grumpy - marching through, presumably with the other five Dwarfs now out of frame.

Panning (or perhaps stepping) just a bit to the right, we find this equally colorful and engaging scene near the Alice in Wonderland dark ride. Several caterpillar vehicles can be seen on the upper level! The variety of hues and patterns in the clothing are great, and not at all garish or loud.

Being August, there are plenty of families with kids, unlike the off-season, where children are a bit more scarce (or so it seems based on vintage photos, at least).


Nanook said...


Color, color, and more color-! Not exactly Kodachrome-ish, but still lovely colors, nonetheless. I see you didn't miss that 'very unique hat'. I'm trying to figure out if that colorful "plumage" belongs to that crazy hat, or some object just behind the gentleman... It does appear to be a lovely day - perfect for sporting kooky hats.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I also love today's photos! In that first pic, we can see the U.S. flag flying above the PeopleMover track, at the entrance to the brand new Tomorrowland. There is also a palm tree visible, that would have been newly planted in one of the Tomorrowland entrance planters.


1967 — when the line between Disneyland guests and Disneyland attractions blur.....
Where do the guests end and where do the attractions start??

K. Martinez said...

Look at that Skyway! It's going right through the center of the mountain! I can hear the screams of the Matterhorn Bobsled riders as they race down the mountain. A monorail is going to be passing by any minute blasting its horn as it passes over the park guests! Later, I want to go on the Skyway and see it all from above. That is how it was in my youth when I viewed the park with wide eyed wonder. THIS is the Disneyland I love. Thanks, Major.

zach said...

I'll echo everyone, this is the park I loved as well. I was old enough to visit on my own so it has it's own set of memories apart from as a kid with the family.

I just realized I've been staring at these photos for several minutes hearing the sounds, enjoying the colors and feeling the warmth of the day. This world of Walt's was definitely a 'Carousel of Color'.

Happy Friday,


Anonymous said...

Yes, Ken is right, if you listen hard enough, you can hear the monorail horn.

And the Goofy Wilhelm Scream from Alice in Wonderland.

I think I am probably just out of the view, waiting in line for the bobsleds.

@Mike Cozart, the only way to tell the visitors from the attractions is to read the GDB comments. LOL.

Splendid Friday photos, Major. Thank you.


JC Shannon said...

The best ever Disneyland captured for all of us to enjoy all over again. Fun Dad took alota photos and I wonder if he ever imagined that someday, a half century later, his efforts would be recognized and appreciated by complete strangers? If you are out there Fun Dad and family, thanks for the memories, and thanks to Major as well.

Celebrity alert, note a young Keven Costner in pic #3 and #4 on the far left!

Nanook said...

It seems in Pic #4, there’s a tiny, yellow Mickey balloon almost hiding in the trees pretty-much dead center, above blue-shirted ‘Dad’.

Melissa said...

I love seeing old pictures with characters just wandering through the crowd willy-nilly!

Is the red hat we see front and center in the first picture a Tyrolean souvenir hat that's lost it's feather, or just some random lid?

Anonymous said...

@Melissa, I think the red hat guy is the CM balloon seller. The balloon strings seem to go to his hand.

Major, did Fun Dad take these while the family was on the Canal Boats? The viewpoint is within a few steps of the photos you posted earlier.


Major Pepperidge said...

Hey guys - sorry for my lack of interaction... we had to evacuate due to the wildfires... TWICE. I only just got home from the second one, and have had about an hour of sleep in the last day. I think I might wait to chime in, but thank you for the fun discussions!

Clyde Hughes said...

Hey Major, I hope you and yours are doing ok! Lotsa thoughts going out to you all.

Thanks for the great photos. As has been said, the colors are just wonderful! In trying to find my own take on the photos, I got to looking at the pavement and its color. Seeing how much thought everything in Disneyland was given, I would imagine that the imagineers did quite a bit of research on the most pleasing colors and which would blend best with the guest's clothes... either that, or whatever Sherwin Williams happened to have. :)

Now, that man in need of bran. Poor man! Maybe the 'Bran Man?' Well, my first reaction was "It's Buddy Rich!". Hmmmm, maybe Mr. Rich is trying to be undercover amongst the thongs (or indeed, throngs) in the park. But, it's hard to be in disguise when you're drumming all the time!

It's fantastic to see all of the kids there.
Back to the first image's 'blow up' edit... that guy in the white t-shirt seems to be texting...can it be??? I do see a cowboy hat, off to the right. Maybe the dwarves were off to a cattle auction!

Melissa said...

Yikes, stay safe, Maj!

K. Martinez said...

Major, Take care of yourself and family first and be safe! My thoughts are with you and family.

JC Shannon said...

Hey Major, God bless, take care!

Chuck said...

Oh, boy, Major. Stay safe and we'll talk to you when you can.