Friday, December 19, 2014


You know 'em, you love 'em, it's those nutty square-format photos from a Kodak Instamatic!

I like this unusual angle looking at Sleeping Beauty Castle, with several foot bridges (long gone, I believe) and the lovely moat, with the star-topped Matterhorn in the distance. This was another brutal SoCal winter! Seems there are rumors that the star might make a comeback; presumably it would be updated with energy-efficient LEDs. That would be cool!

Sticking with the Christmas theme, let's take a look at the big tree in Town Square. Look at all of the folding chairs, presumably set up for guests to view the upcoming holiday parade? I feel sorry for the cast members who had to put those out (and put them away). What are those things on top of the buildings across the way? Lighting rigs? Giant mutant ants? 

I'm out of Christmas Instamatics, so i'll finish up with this sunny, summery view of the castle; Goofy can be seen mingling (he's a people person), and he's drawing quite a crowd!


Nanook said...


That first image is quite a beauty. From that angle looking through the tree in the foreground, and that rather large, funny-looking 'star-capped mountain' looming large in the background, the Sleeping Beauty Castle looks as if it's smack dab in a forest.

And as for those two-eyed looking doodads atop the Main Street buildings, have to assume they are lighting rigs used to illuminate the Christmas parade.

Thanks, Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

It's an L7 friday! We don't care...if the photos are square, sing it with me.

The star on the Matterhorn is always a welcome sight.

The second shot is kinda cool showing all those cushy steel chairs. Such cumfort for those tired cold bums. Ouchie.

At first I thought the chairs were for Candlelight but the chairs would be facing the wrong way. You are right (as always)probably for the Christmas Parade.

Anonymous said...

Extra nice pics today. I'm not sure those bridges aren't still there. The vantage is from the front of the Carnation Plaza Gardens, now the Princess Factory. Google Earth shows bridges in those locations, but maybe the framing has changed so they look different. The ones near Snow White's grotto have been cutsie-fied with big valentines.

I love the star on the Matterhorn. I've seen pictures of it with 1967 Tomorrowland in the foreground, so it must have been put up at least as late as Christmas in that year. Thank you again for the movie clip showing it rotating. I knew that memory was real.

It would be nice to have it back.

I agree with Nanook, those are specialty lighting rigs on the Main Street roofs, set up for the parade.

The current lighting rigs are much larger and more elaborate. They are a folding type which lay flat on the roof till needed and pushed upright somehow, probably hydraulics, or perhaps elves. Keeps them out of sight until needed. They can be seen (barely) in their down position on the Google Earth photo.

In general, the Google photos are fascinating since there is so much Back Of House made visible to nerds like us.


K. Martinez said...

Yes, bringing back the Christmas star atop the Matterhorn would be awesome. Hope they do it. Nice set today. The first photo is a beauty. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I'm not sure I've ever seen another photo from just that same angle… it *does* look like there are plenty of trees around - which is cool. Thanks for the info on the lighting rigs!

Alonzo, I like the idea of cast members setting up hundreds of chairs for guests, only to find them facing the wrong way. AWESOME!

JG, you might be right, I didn't do any double-checking (as usual, ha ha). I just don't remember the bridges. "Princess Factory", ugh! Hey, if Google Earth shows that they're still there, then I believe it. It's funny, on FaceBook folks have mentioned that the star might be back next year (for the 60th anniversary), and there were plenty of people who didn't want it. The Christmas decorations are a little bit overdone these days, maybe the star would be a case of "gilding the lily" so to speak. But it would look SO COOL! You know that with today's brilliant LEDs, it would shine extra bright.

K. Martinez, I was just glad that I had at least one picture of the Matterhorn with the star to share this season. Not sure if I have any others left in my collection, to be honest.