Monday, December 01, 2014

Two Random Images

Like the title of this post says... here are two random photos!

I really love this first one (from November 1965), though at first glance it is nothing special. Another photo taken in front of the castle, *yawn*. But it's fun, with the crowd of guests flowing past those kids as if they were rocks in a stream. With that overcast sky, it's hard to tell if it is morning or not. I love the girl's cat's eye glasses, she reminds me a lot of my sister (though she wasn't around yet). Little bro is already rockin' the black socks and souvenir hat.

This one is from January, 1970; over on Main Street, the Opera House was home to "The Walt Disney Story Featuring Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln". Is that a record for the longest attraction name? Among the displays you would find some of Walt's many awards, including this famous honorary Academy Award, proclaiming "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" as a "…significant screen innovation which has charmed millions and pioneered a great new entertainment field". It's cool that the Academy went to the trouble of creating seven miniature Oscars for this one special occasion. I'm sure I've seen it on display at least half a dozen times in various locations! 


Nanook said...


I'm wondering if the girl partially obscured by our friend in the cat's eye glasses is her twin sister-? It certainly looks as if they are wearing matching outfits.

The special honorary Oscar® for Snow White is now on display at the Walt Disney Family Museum.

Thanks, Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Oh, look. No iron rails on the castle bridge and no one is jumping in the moat. Cool vintage photos.

My mom had a slip cover for the couch that looked like that ladies dress. Very atumnal.

K. Martinez said...

@Alonzo, Didn't you hear? The iron rails were installed to prevent the recent generation of rambunctious moat fish from jumping onto the castle bridge and hurting themselves.

Snow White Archive said...

I'm wondering what that statue is that is sitting in front and to the left of the SW Oscars?

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, they could be matching (or twins - let's just say that they ARE. Who's going to argue?? I'm sure Diane Disney Miller took all of the family heirlooms out of the park, and I can't really blame her.

Alonzo, I wish that they would put even BIGGER iron rails in front of the castle! The more the better! Who needs rides when you have iron rails?

K. Martinez, I think I remember reading that in Time Magazine.

Show White Archive, I did a quick search to see if I could find another photo with that other trophy, but… no such luck.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Mmmm, moat fish.