Sunday, December 07, 2014

Posin' With Posters, March 1966

These two photos look ordinary enough, but I like the fact that the fellas (I call them Josephus and Zebediah) decided to pose in front of the framed attraction posters rather than the Mickey flower portrait. It speaks to their refinement and intelligence! Zeb especially likes the Matterhorn poster, so much that he is about to bust a move. You can't see it, but there is a sheet of cardboard on the ground just out of frame, and Zeb can spin and spin on it.

Josephus likes the way his cardigan goes with the Peter Pan and Skyway posters!


Nanook said...


"Posin' with Posters" - you definitely need to copyright that one, Major-!

And as for Zebediah (is he related to Zebulon Prescott-?) you ain't kidding about 'Busting a Move' right there at the entrance. He's inspired me to go thrift-shopping for the same "bone-colored' cardigan and pose in the same fashion in front of my Matterhorn attraction poster.

Monica said...

I love the cardigans! ...And that smirk on Joe's face in the last pic. Like, "mom, would you hurry up!"

I would love to get my hands on some of those posters.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I am not only going to copyright "Posin' With Posters", I am going to produce a major Broadway musical all about poster fanatics! Hey, they did one about stinkin' cats and IT did pretty good, so what the heck. (Btw, you might have told me that you have a Matterhorn poster, but I'd forgotten; it's one of the best!).

Monica, I think Josephus has the same expression on his face as I do when thinking about food! The posters sure have become popular among fans, and no wonder, they're awesome.

Chuck said...

I can't help but notice the Santa Fe logo prominently featured in the background in both images. The photographer had great taste.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice the fabled (but never built) air boats down on the ground in the Skyway poster?

Anonymous said...

Josephus has a huge hand. He is an athlete of some kind.

Melissa said...

Waitwaitwaitwaitwait did somebody say Broadway musical and I missed it?!?

We’re a pair of East Coasters,
And we drove for a week,
In our Chevrolet roadster,
Just to get us a peek

At this wonderful land,
Though you must understand,
We can’t mention its name or
No legal disclaimer
Will save us from ruin,
When they come a suin’,
And they own Broadway,

But… now… we’re…

Posin’ with posters,
It’s our favorite thing!
Forget roller coasters,
Or tigers on springs!

Why go through the hassle
Of riding a ride,
Or passing the castle,
And going inside?

Just pose with a poster,
Like Joey/Zebby and me,
Just keep your composure,
And watch the birdee!

Why go to the worry
Of spinnin’ a cup,
For a picture that’s blurry,
And needs touchin’ up?

Just pose with a poster,
Though I’m not a boaster,
You’ll be even moster
It you pose with a poster like Joey/Zebby,
And me!

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, I hadn't noticed, but it's true, I always like seeing the Santa Fe logo!

Anon, yes, I have! It's a cool detail that most people don't notice. But I am a poster freak, after all…

Anon #2, I could see him playing college ball. Who knows, maybe he went on to fame and fortune!

Melissa, I love your lyrics, but should they be set to a familiar tune? With my limited knowledge of show tunes, I may be out of luck.

Melissa said...

Nah, just a generic bouncy tune.