Monday, December 15, 2014

Walt Disney World, November 1972

Today I'm posting the remaining images from a lot of November 1972 Walt Disney World slides. Plus an extra! 

While I am woefully unfamiliar with the Florida park, I am guessing that this neat view was shot from the Walt Disney World Railroad; if I'm wrong, please correct me! It's cool that guest were able to get a much closer look at the friendly Indian Village - it almost feels like we could just saunter over and help that guy start the fire. "Need a match, bub?". People love being called "bub"!

Meanwhile, over in Adventureland, we are enjoying the pre-show for the Tropical Serenade. This isn't much of a picture, but notice that the torrent of water has (apparently) parted to reveal a tiki god, accompanied by two animatronic boids. At least I think those are boids. They're kind of hard to see.

It's time for the soothing steel drum sounds of "J.P. & [the] Silver Stars". Let's pretend we're on a white sandy beach in the Caribbean (sans pirates), sipping a rum drink of some kind. You know what would make this fantasy even better? No steel drum music! But hey, that's just me… the lady to the extreme right is having a blast.

And you may recall that I recently posted some snapshots from WDW, circa December 1971; somehow I missed this one. It is probably the greatest photo of the Magic Kingdom ever taken. (OK, second greatest).


Nanook said...

Now, Major-

Let's not be too hasty when it comes to steel drums. You haven't lived until you've seen (heard) "The Steel Bandits", a steel drum band from Queens College perform Georgie Girl on The Ed Sullivan Show, February 26, 1967-! It's pure heaven-!

Thanks, Major

Chuck said...

Those are indeed boids in that second photo. I remember seeing this attraction for the first time in '79 and not being able to hear the birds over the sound of the running water. Or maybe it was over the sound of the voices in my head - white noise is white noise.

J.P. and the Silver Stars actually put out an album back in '71 and were featured with their own track on the 1980 edition of "The Official Album of Disneyland/Walt Disney World." Every time I hear it, I get all tingly with anticipation because the next track is "Grim Grinning Ghosts."

K. Martinez said...

Yep, those are two boids alright, known as Clyde and Claude. "That was almost as much fun as New Year's Eve in the orange groves!"

Monkey Cage Kurt said...

Hey bub, are you really that hard hearted toward steel drums? Whenever I hear them I think of the Jungle Cruise. They used to have a band playing them up above the Jungle Cruise entrance for many years. Do they still have that?

Nanook, I couldn’t find The Ed Sullivan Show performance, but on YouTube I found the Steel Bandits on an old show called “I've Got A Secret”. Nice stuff!

Melissa said...

Wow, as always, the biggest shock is how much vegetation has grown since then. Here are two (fairly blurry) pictures of Clyde and Claude's much lusher performing area in 2012:



Nanook said...

@ Monkey Cage Curt-

I never even thought to Google the Steel Bandits. Who knew they not only had an appearance on I've Got a Secret, but also on Hullabaloo, on 2/14/66.

Based on their apparent ages from both those shows, the math doesn't seem to pencil-out, but it's definitely them. Here's a link that also includes Ed's, yet again, another unforgettable intro to the group, where after referencing their attending Queens College also helpfully explains to America that - "... I understand you play with a lot of queens out there...". Awright - I think it's just best to let that line go without comment-! (As the clip is from 1967, it should be in color, but for some reason was evidently pulled from a Kinescope, rather than the 2" tape). Major - listen 'to your heart's content'-!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I have a hard time reconciling the term "pure heaven" with steel drum music! I do like the song "Georgie Girl" though. ( also can't help thinking of Homer singing, "Hey there, blimpie boy…"

Chuck, oh I think I might even have the 1980 Official Album. Now I'll have to dig it out and listen to it! Weird that you couldn't hear the boids over the rushing water… didn't anybody check that before running the show for the public?

K. Martinez, I like how that joke is completely innocuous, and yet could be interpreted as "dirty" by people. Like me!

Monkey Cage Kurt, I don't really hate steel drums, but I can't say I'm a fan either. Do you mean you heard steel drum players at Disneyland? Or at WDW? I don't ever recall seeing them at Disneyland, but that doesn't mean much.

Melissa, thanks for the additional photos! Are they pictures that you took??

Nanook, I should have known that you are also a scholar of steel drum bands and their historic appearances on television! Can't I just listen to the Harmonicats and be done with it?

Nanook said...


Your wish is my command:

The Harmonicats appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show - (as Toast of the Town):

Heck - The Harmonicats once performed at baseball’s All-Star Game at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. Such was the popularity of theirs, and many other harmonica acts, fer instance: The Harmonica Bobcats, Johnny Puleo’s Harmonica Gang, Jammercats, The Harmonicuties, The Harlemonicats and The Harmonica Rascals. Ouy vey-!

Monkey Cage Kurt said...

Yeah, it was in Anaheim. There was an elevated platform above the entrance to the Jungle Cruise where bands would perform. At least at one time there was, I don’t recall what year it was. I remember very clearly a steel drum band, and I also seem to recall a female calypso style singer as well.

Monkey Cage Kurt said...

I’ve been searching for a photo of the alleged stage over the Jungle Cruise entrance, and I’m coming up void. This could NOT be a false memory….could it?

Willikers! I’m finding this all very disconcerting! I’d ask if anyone else remembers it, but I know nobody looks at these posts the next day.

Nanook said...

@ Monkey Cage Kurt-

Check out this link:

Nanook said...

@ Monkey Cage Kurt-

And this link, too:

Monkey Cage Kurt said...

Thanks Nanook, you’ve put my mind at ease. Was worried there for a moment. It’s not exactly as I remember it, but close enough to restore my marbles.

And who wouldn’t love a steel drum rendition of “I Shot the Sheriff”? Well, I’ll give you one guess who. Now if we can just get him to listen to this stuff it will soften that stony heart of his.

Melissa said...

Yes, I took those pictures during my last trip, in late November 2012. It was my first visit to the restored Tiki Room after the fire ousted the "New Management."

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