Monday, December 08, 2014


Here are more little square photos, courtesy of the lovable Kodak Instamatic camera. 

I like this busy, colorful view snapped from the deck of the Pirate Ship, taking in a bustling Fantasyland. Guests in the Skyway buckets are on their way to Tomorrowland (and back).

Oh boy, that guy is delivering a whole bunch of tubs of ice cream! My favorite. Wonder where he's headed?

This one's a bit fuzzy, but it's still a lovely shot of the Matterhorn, Skyway buckets (the rectangular ones this time), and the Subs).

Hoo boy, I sure hope that's not smog - but it could be! We're up in the air looking down upon what I believe is the Fantasyland Autpia, with part of the Motor Boat Cruise waterway. The Monorail track snakes around, um, snakily. Out of frame to our left is the Matterhorn.


Nanook said...


Some lovely (and colorful) images today. If the 'haze' in the final photo is smog - we're all in trouble. (I'm thinking the Pixie Dust machine was a bit over zealous that day). Let's hope, anyway.

Thanks, Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Great minds think alike. After a long nite slumber (and empty stomach) my eyes keyed right in to the ice cream before I even saw the close up. Hope he has some chocolate chip!

The last shot is kind of tranquil and my guess is that is the famous So Cal "June Gloom" or "Marine Layer" (for Dr. George Fischbeck)not the smog. I never thought I would miss the june gloom till I moved to Arizony.

Melissa said...

"Moving some ice cream?"
"What's that?"
"Moving some ice cream?"
"Where to?"
"Oh, I don't know. Wherever I end up, I guess."
"Man, I wish I was you."
"Well, hang in there."

(For reference)

Anonymous said...

That young food fellow is more than likely moving that ice cream over to Fan 1 by Dumbo. There's also a sweeper in the bottom left corner looking for a popcorn girl to hit up. Ah, the '60s…

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I would like to say that it is just a marine layer, but remember how bad the smog in SoCal used to get? It can be bad today, but in the days with leaded gasoline and no catalytic converters, OOF.

Alonzo, I wonder how many flavor options were available at the park? Probably not that many, unless you were at the Carnation location on Main Street. It's OK, as long as they have chocolate, I'll be fine! As for June Gloom, I only really like it because it delays the summer heat. Still, we have it easy compared to Arizona!

Melissa, I thought FOR SURE that your dialogue was from Dragnet. Maybe it was the "What's that?" line. Joe Friday said that a lot (or maybe I'm thinking of "How's that?").

Anon, I'll bet you are right about the ice cream going to Fan 1. Reading old Disneyland publications, I get the feeling that a lot of romances were formed at the park, even between sweepers and popcorn girls!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics today, Major. More wonderful days at the Park.

Thank you.