Friday, June 20, 2014

Teacups & Hotel, March 13 1958

Continuing with a nice bunch from March of 1958… I really love this great shot of a little girl (the slide is helpfully labeled "Susie"); the way her head just pops up above the rim of the teacup, her cute smile,  and her babushka (!). And how about that color, zowie! Kodachrome at its best. It must have been an off day, all the other teacups are empty. Either that, or the ride wasn't operational, but somebody let her pose for a photo - is that even possible? The Mad Tea Party isn't much fun if you are by yourself.

There's Susie again, at the entrance to the Disneyland Hotel. She is proudly displaying her Donald Duck comic book… I wonder if it was a complimentary copy provided by the hotel?

Here's a better look at the cover, from the March-April 1958 issue. 


Nanook said...


You know, with Susie's almost 'smirky' smile, you can almost believe she was personally responsible for the disappearance of the other Teacup riders.

And are those 'suits' in the background Cast Members-?

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

Love today's bonus close-up of the comic book! That little bit of extra research really makes this blog that much more oomphy.

Melissa said...

You know, a picture of a lone little girl in a babushka, all by herself on a shadowy Mad Tea Party, in an all but deserted park, watched from a distance by an enigmatic trio of men in severe black suits, could easily be a creepy picture.

But, little Susie is just so darn cute and happy that I can’t stop grinning just looking at it. You win, little girl. You’ve defeated my strong natural sense of dread. I’m prescribing myself sixty seconds with this picture every morning as therapy for pessimism.

(I guess it doesn’t hurt that I saw you alive and well with your Mom on the Chicken of the Sea boat on Monday.)

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Wow the return of Babushka Friday, sweet!

I agree the color is great for a 60+ yr old slide.

My theory is the 2 suits are her own personal KGB agent/body guards.

"Little girl in babushka is national treasure and must be protected at all costs Boris stay on your toes. Da, Ivan. I will not gawk at girls in plaid skirts with riding crops again."

Melissa said...

Maybe the men in black are three Wise Men come to give little Susie gifts of Gold (a “D” ticket) a Frank and sense (a hot dog and intelligent conversation at Refreshment Corner) and Mer(maids in a ride on Peter Pan’s Flight).

And maybe that isn’t just Susie’s head propped up in the teacup. It COULD still be attached to her body, right?

Melissa said...

It's OK, little Susie. Reinforcements are on the way.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, hmmm… how can Susie be smirky when she's wearing a babushka??

Chuck, the research staff on Level D really outdid themselves. They wanted those bonuses!

Melissa, those men are protecting Susie; she looks like an ordinary little girl, but she is the product of billions of dollars in scientific research. She has already shown signs of powerful psychokinesis!! We'll see more of her over the next few weeks.

Alonzo, even with the babushka I can't see Susie as a Commie!

Melissa, "…. and lo! They were sore afraid". (I don't even want to know why they were sore.

Melissa again, I am kind of disappointed that smiling Linda wasn't in a teacup. But that's life for you.

Tom said...

I love that shot of Susie at the hotel lobby doors. The cinderblocks, the aluminum door frame, the pixelated mat and the ash can... I could expect Frank, Dean and Sammy to come waltzing up any second. If it were Las Vegas it'd be a sure bet.

K. Martinez said...

Love the image of Susie at the Disneyland Hotel. The charcoal greys, metallic frames and the black & white doormat are great. The black Donald Duck comic book cover is the cherry on top. Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

Major, this is 14 years before Linda's infamous Smiley/Frowny visit to the park - one of those girls might be little six-year-old Linda!