Sunday, June 15, 2014

Columbia, April 1987

The Columbia is an exact replica of the first U.S. ship to circumnavigate the globe. I learned that it was privately owned, and not a military vessel (to my surprise). After years of riding the Mark Twain, I finally took a ride on the Columbia a few years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. According to one mysterious source, the Columbia does not sail, but actually rolls on submerged wheels. I choose to believe this mysterious source!

Elsewhere in Frontierland, you might have noticed this rusting mine car that has dumped its last tailings many years before. The tracks and tunnel were all part of the Nature's Wonderland Mine Train, where a trestle bridge crossed above some fishing bears. I believe that the tracks and mine car are gone nowadays.


MRaymond said...

I read somewhere that the last vestige of the MTTNW trestle collapsed from wood rot. I wonder if the mine car is in the lake or was it removed before the collapse?

K. Martinez said...

The Columbia image is a beauty. I love the blue sky. The Columbia and the Matterhorn are what make Disneyland unique from the other castle parks. I hope it stays that way.

Major - I'm always amazed to hear that there are attractions at Disneyland you didn't experience until lately such as the Columbia and Enchanted Tiki Room. I figured being a Disneyland fan you must've been on everything through the years.

Tom said...

The mine cart was gone for some time... but it was just a few years ago that the last bit of trestle was wiped out by a huge tree that fell over after a prolonged rain storm; I think that was in 2007.