Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Color Snapshots, early 1970's

I just scanned ALL of my vintage snapshots from various years - some 79 of them. Those should last for a while! Today's selection is from a lot that I believe is from the early 1970's, though it could be late 1960's; I particularly like them.

That square format is somehow reassuring; the appealing nostalgia factor makes this style so popular on Instagram. The sun is on its way down, leaving the Tomorrowland entrance flower beds in shadow while the Matterhorn glows with warm light. I feel like yodeling! The tent-roofed souvenir stand is over where the old House of the Future used to be.

Aw, Pinocchio, I am always happy to see him! He seems to have recovered from that donkey thing quite nicely. Pinoke is posing with a friend in the castle courtyard, right near the passageway/shortcut to Frontierland. The kid with the feathered hat is my favorite detail.

Over at the Plaza Inn, folks sit down for an early dinner (or is it a late lunch?); they appear to be unencumbered by children. The presence of sweaters, and the bare trees to the right seem to indicate that it is what passes for Winter in Southern California. Brrrrrr! I love the yellow and white-striped umbrellas in the background, so cheerful and bright.

There are more from this lot, coming up!

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