Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Donruss Bubblegum Cards, Part Five

Please chew a piece of Bazooka bubblegum as you read this post. Here are six more Donruss bubblegum cards from 1965!

Card #29: Western Mine Train crosses trestle over Bear River going through Nature's Wonderland.

I never knew it was called "Bear River"!

The same photo was used on this Fall 1960 issue of "Vacationland" magazine, and it sure looks more colorful.

Card #30: Disneyland Astrojet provides thrilling ride in Tomorrowland.

Whoever wrote these descriptions was no Hemingway.

Card #31: Indian elephants play in sacred wading pool as seen by passengers aboard Disneyland Jungle Cruise.

Card #32: Deluxe passenger train of the 1890 vintage leaves Main Street Station on the Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad.

Card #33: Disneyland's Gonzales Trio entertain guests at Mexican Village in Frontierland.

I don't recall ever seeing the SeƱorita with a guitar before! I love her even more now.

Card #34: A Disneyland future attraction under construction for opening in 1967, The Haunted House.

I have heard that guests were allowed to enter the grounds of the Haunted Mansion for a brief time before the attraction opened. Or maybe these people were let in for the photo. Imagine how impressed they must have been. "If the outside looks this good, think of what the inside must be like!".

We're just over halfway through these cards!


Nanook said...


That's merely a "prop" guitar Carmelita Gonzalez is holding; she couldn't play a note. Just kidding-! There are several pictures of her holding (and presumably playing) her guitar.

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

Funny how you hear things a certain way that can change your whole perspective on meaning. I'd always assumed that part of NWRR was called "Bare River" because the bears were nekkid. Now that I see it spelled out, boy do I feel foolish.

Melissa said...

Posture Bear, posture Bear,
When you see him standing there,
Never, never slouch,
Or he’ll eat you. Ouch!

Melissa said...

I think the Haunted Mansion guests are models or ringers; their clothes look too coordinated.

Anonymous said...

When you're sitting by the pool
You had better keep your cool
or you might be attacked by a Water Bear!

Anonymous said...

The Bear River shot is terrific. Nothing like a perspective you can't get as a visitor.

As I recall, several of these old cards had effects like that.

I don't recall getting to walk up to the HM, but I do remember it being finished-looking on the outside long before opening, and being excited about what it would be like.

Cool stuff, your Emininence.


Dean Finder said...

They should totally put those AstroJets up on top of the a platform with some kind of "people moving" attraction below it

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I am impressed that you know her name is "Carmelita". Do you know the names of her brothers?

Chuck, the important thing is that we've all learned something!

Melissa, that bear is the Cornelius of the group. Soon they will be leading a battle against the humans. And I see what you mean, the people in front of the Mansion do have a "Sears catalog" look to them

Anon, "water bears" aka tardigrades are some of my favorite critters!

JG, I agree, I love those views that a guest could never see. I have only heard that guest were allowed onto the HM grounds, but haven't seen any positive verification.

Dean Finder, it would never work! (Have you heard the rumors that the Astro Orbiter is going to be moved up to the top of the former Peoplemover platform? I hope it is true!)