Saturday, June 07, 2014

Soap Box Derby, August 1967

As far as I know, "soapbox car racing" is a uniquely all-American competition. In 1933, an impromptu race for 19 boys attracted so much interest that a later, bigger race (with cash prizes!) in Dayton Ohio  resulted in 362 contestants showing up in home made cars constructed from all kinds of available materials (including… "orange crates, sheet tin, wagon and baby-buggy wheels…."). 

Today's photos are from an unknown location, although the "WCAW" might indicate an AM station in Charleston, West Virginia. Those verdant hills sure look like WV to me! I love the way the judges in the stands and the guys up on the catwalk are watching the action with such intensity. This is serious business. Notice the sign that says "Photo Finish"; there appears to be a gentleman with a camera pointed straight down. No "electronic eyes" necessary! 

Look at those streamlined cars, silent except for the sound of the friction of the wheels and the wind whooshing past. Timmy Brznski has quite a lead over Walter Frunk. 

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D Ticket said...

Looks like Little Creek Park, South Charleston, WV