Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beautiful Tomorrowland!

It's time for another "best of…" installment here on GDB. I always love an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful Tomorrowland of the past (wha?). And speaking of the past, here's a late 19th-century steam locomotive chugging past the freeway of the Autopia… the freeway of the future. Those yellow passenger cars might not have been so great from the inside, but they sure look great from the outside. The color in this photo is really great! Thanks, Kodachrome. (Hey, howsabout that Richfield sign?)

And this is a super fantabulous look at the TWA Moonliner, that manages to look like it's soaring even when firmly on the ground. This slide took some fixin' in Photoshop, but it was worth it, because I basically love everything about it. To our left is one of the "Hobbyland" booths with plastic models for sale (I loved building models - particularly airplanes of WWII - when I was a kid). 

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