Friday, May 20, 2011

Zorro Parade, 1958

Here's part two of my vintage Zorro parade photos! See part one HERE.

Looks like the Stagecoach has been recruited to carry an adorable bouquet of colorful little seƱoritas! How could the tiny tots participate in a daily Disneyland parade? Maybe they are audio-animatronics.

Say, there's the lovable, kindly Sergeant Garcia (actor Henry Calvin); he's looking right at us! Ohmigosh, I'll never wash my eyes again. Snow Hill is in the background... in just about a year the Matterhorn would sprout up right there.

Sure, Zorro looks cool in his all-black ensemble, but this couple dazzles in their white and gold outfits on those beautiful Palominos.

This young lady sits elegantly side-saddle on her noble steed, and is enveloped in a cloud of ruffles and lace. Zorro is probably barely remembered by most Disneyland guests, but I'll bet a parade celebrating California's Spanish Colonial days would still be popular!


Nancy said...

very nice set today! palominos are a favorite horse of mine, and i would like one of those lacy dresses, too!

i wonder if those were VIPs there across the street from our photog in snap number one or just a group who didnt think to have matching t-shirts made up?

Connie Moreno said...

WOW! Is it just me or can you feel the excitement in these pictures? What I would give to go back and experience this first hand!

Kathy G said...

I posted this info yesterday on the earlier blog about the Zorro 1958 parade, but I think it bears repeating here at the 2nd Zorro parade blog as well. Guy Williams Jr (Guy's son) has put a video on YouTube of his Dad's appearance at Disneyland. It is silent video, transferred from home movies, and some of the footage is a bit shaky, but it is wonderful to see.

If you would like more info about Guy Williams, click on my name above, and it will take you to my website. There you can click on a link to a Guy Williams book bio that was written a few years ago. Also you can just click aroun my wesite to see pix of Guy Williams that I have collected over the years. Enjoy.