Sunday, May 08, 2011

Casey Jr. - 1957

Everybody loves the charming Casey Jr. Circus Trains! Except for commies, of course.

Here's a great view of Casey as he pulls his train of whimsical circus cars over a Romanesque bridge (a simple and elegant design).

Here's a better look at Casey, with the calliope car right behind him. The ornate decorations from one of these cars was up for auction from Profiles In History last December!

This would look great in my living room.


Brian Sibley said...

I love the Casey Jnr train ride but it brought back memories for me of riding it, some years ago, with my radio producer from the BBC when we got wedged in the cage and were so embarrassed we rode the train round several times round rather than fess up to being imprisoned!

I added a link to your excellent blog to my Decidedly Disney blog. If there were a chance of a reciprocal link that would be greatly appreciated.

Connie Moreno said...

I used to ride Casey when it wasn't cool to do so, LOL. I still love it.

Rich T. said...

The Storybook Land boat looks like it's tearing away at 60 MPH, leaving a big, white wake behind it! That's the version I want to ride!

Casey Jr. is one of my favorites. The track layout's ingenious, the music's awesome and...just look at the great little train's silhouette! What a perfect creation! When I was very young, waiting near the platform waiting for Casey's face to come around that final turn was kind of eerie...which made it all the more fun!

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I never thought of it before, but the bridges do look a little bit like the Roman aquaducts.

JG said...

I am a big fan of casey. I want either the monkey cage or the caboose.

I think he is the forerunner of thomas the tank engine with that happy face.

Definitely roman aqueducts, the bridge looks like the famous one in Spain, all equal semi-circular arches.

Thank you so much.