Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strawhatters & Delta Ramblers

Howsabout a little live music? It used to be a lot more evident at Disneyland; oom-pah-pah bands, rock and roll music, barbershop quartets, mariachis, calypso music, and of course, Dixieland and jazz.

Here are the Straw Hatters - in fact, you can see the straw hats on top of the piano in the background, so there ya go. I totally dig those dark orange/red polyester pants and the white shoes. The little stage can be seen in various parts of the park (see it here near the Nature's Wonderland queue); I can't quite place where this photo was taken. Can you?

This slide is labeled "Delta Ramblers", but it's the Royal Street Bachelors. These fellows were a familiar sight in New Orleans Square for many years.


Jason Schultz said...

My guess for the first photo is that it is between what is now Stage Door Cafe (then Oaks Tavern) and what used to be The Wheelhouse. I believe the wall behind them is the one that used to have the Mark Twain mural. (I was just enjoying the 1955ness of this area last night.)

Connie Moreno said...

Major, you could totally rock those orange/red pants and you know it!

Nancy said...

simple pleasures are so nice.... yesterday's photos as well as today's are reasons why i love going the Magic Kingdom. its not all about the rides for me

thanks! :D

Mark Hickson said...

You have another photo of the area on your site between River Belle Terrace and the Oaks Tavern (look at the 1964 map)later called the Stage Door Cafe here: 4-12-11

Mark Hickson said...

Look in the upper left of the link from 4-12-11.. that is the same back wall behind the straw hats stage.

Major Pepperidge said...

Progressland, you are correct! Thanks to you and to Mark Hickson for the helpful info.

Connie, I prefer plaid, but that red is pretty sweet.

Nancy, you are so right... the rides are great, but it's all the other things that make it Disney.