Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Big River, 1957

Both of today's photos were taken near the load area for the Mark Twain, looking slightly east towards Tom Sawyer Island (one of Huck Finn's rafts has just arrived), and beyond that the western edge of Frontierland, which, in 1957, was mostly empty except for the train station. Notice the open-air "cattle cars" full of passengers, just visible to the left; and of course the huge Holidayland tent peeks up over the trees.

Lucky us, the photographer lingered long enough for a Keel Boat to glide into the frame. I never rode the Keel Boats - something I regret! - thinking that they would always be there to ride "next time". There's a lesson there somewhere.


Nancy said...

wow, how pretty! it looks like perfect weather...makes me wish i could do that Mary Poppins thing and jump right into the picture!

rare glimpse of the Holidayland tent is very cool. there are definitely not enough photos of that

Connie Moreno said...

I wanna visit THAT Frontierland!

Major, I can relate to a hard lesson learned. And now, because I am so nice, I can rub it in: na na na na I did ride the Keel Boats, every chance I had. They were cool

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I recall seeing the Keel boats in action in the 90's and thinking the same thing "next time" - I guess not! Great pics, love the Anaheim skyline!