Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More From Expo 67

Let's go back to August 1967, and take a visit to Montreal's Expo 67! I have a lot of pictures from this fair, but my knowledge of the thing is not very deep, and the references that I have aren't especially helpful. But I'll do the best I can, and any smart readers can feel free to pitch in.

This first photo was taken on the Ile Notre Dame (the Fair took place on three islands in the Saint Lawrence River). Up above us is the Minirail (not a monorail!), which would have been a great way to get the lay of the land. The building in the background with the diamond-shaped lattice work is the Steel Pavilion, while the stylized green "trees" were part of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry building. What could be more exciting than pulp and paper? Nothing, that's what.

Looky, a boat ride! That's some boat, it appears to be built from PVC pipe and tarps. You won't see any animatronic hippos or elephants on this river (animatronic elephants are extinct in Canada).

And another boat ride... this time it's a strange outrigger thing with a sail made out of an old wool baby blanket.

In the foreground is a "giant size molecular abstraction that gleams in the sun by day and takes on an aura of mystery by night" - part of the Polymer exhibit. Behind it is the Pavilion Du Telephone: "Canadian telephone companies tell the story of Canada and communications within the context of Man and his World". In the brown cylindrical portion of the building, guests could view "Canada 67", a thrilling Walt Disney film in "Circle-Vision 360˚".

Over to the left is what I believe to be the "Man the Producer" pavilion. The exhibits were divided into three sections, "Resources for Man", "Progress", and "Man in Control?". Expo '67 was the most successful World's Fair of the 20th century, with over 50 million visitors. Most photos don't look particularly crowded...

.... but just look at the queue waiting to get in to see the Circle-Vision 360˚ film!!


Nancy said...

oh wow.....so much like EPCOT Center, i LOVE this!!!

why, oh why didnt my family go to stuff like this??? oh thats right, 4 kids and my mom didnt start working till 1969 when my brother finally got to school age

what a fun place this must have been. i am loving all the transportation, "a world on the move" to quote a certain someone we all admire.

also will have to check out whether there is "Canada '67" somewhere on the web to see it.

a totally AWESOME post today, David..thanks for the smiles!!

TokyoMagic! said...

I wonder if the Circle-Vision film had a longer line than other pavilions due to Walt's name being attached to it? Maybe they thought they were lining up for "Progressland 2.0"

JG said...

Love that second-to-last shot, thats the world we were all supposed to live in, where my shiny suit would fit right in.

Thanks Major.


bloefeld said...

Amazing photos. Love the Minirail and that weird yellow boat.

Thanks yet again for another awesome post.

Unknown said...

Awesome pictures!

there is only 2 islands. ile Ste-Helene was natural the other was man made! the ground dug up from the construction of the Montreal metro was used...

most of the pavilions were demolished. the old France and Quebec pavilions are home to the Montreal casino.

Major Pepperidge said...

Thank you for the correction, mikk! I am probably going to make lots more mistakes when it comes to Expo 57 (not on purpose!), so please feel free to continue to let me know when I'm wrong!

Anonymous said...

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