Saturday, May 28, 2011

Frontierland Indians, 1957

Westerns were still incredibly popular fodder for movies and TV shows in 1957, and the public's obvious interest in the old west is reflected (I believe) by the large number of photos that guests tended to take in Frontierland. Plus the place was bitchin'.

There's the Indian Village, the one that folks could visit and learn (thanks to plenty of educational signage) and perhaps watch a dance or two. The berm is doing its job of keeping the modern-day world out!

There's another Indian Village, but this one was for the eyes only. No frolicking among the teepees there. You can see a bit of the Rainbow Desert in the middle of the picture, as well as the riverside trail for the Stagecoaches and Conestoga Wagons.

Old Chief Wavy says hello! But his friends up on the hill seem to imply that you might probably don't want to hang around here for very long.


D ticket said...

Picture 2: And worth a mention, you can see the top of a pirate ship beyond the trees too. It's amazing to see all these little trees shown here which form the lush forest that we know today.

Major Pepperidge said...

D ticket, you're right! My guess is that in a year or two the trees would obscure the Pirate Ship sails. Of course the Mine Train received a huge makeover with the addition of Nature's Wonderland; I'm not sure I have a later photo taken from roughly the same angle to see if the sails are still visible!

Connie Moreno said...

I like the 3rd photo with the group of protesters standing on the hill. Where were they when the clumsy settler burned his cabin?